Our guide to the perfect wedding wines

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“Wine is a little like love, when the right one comes along, you’ll know it.” – Anonymous


The all-important question has been asked, the even more important ‘yes’ has been declared, you’ve set on the perfect date and the dreamiest venue for your big day, so what’s next?


Whichever part of the day you are thinking about, whether it’s the morning spent getting ready with your nearest and dearest, welcoming your guests, toasting to your favourite love story of all, the perfectly paired meal or the unforgettable evening celebrations, there is one thing that will feature in almost every moment of your special day… the wedding wine list.


A seemingly simple element of your wedding can actually require some thought when you start to consider the wines you’d like, the amount you’ll need and when and how you’ll serve it. Here at Bolney, we (naturally) know a thing or two about wine, so read on for a simple wedding wine guide to popular wedding wines and sparkling wines. Let us help you create a truly sparkling celebration of love.


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The morning


It’s arrived! Your big day is here, your loved ones are gathering with a sense of excitement and you’re just hours away from saying ‘I do’. As you wistfully think back on all the special moments that led you to this day, raise a glass of bubbly to those who have been there with you along the way. A classic choice such as our Blanc de Blancs makes a wonderful wine for this moment. An elegant and stylish, traditional method English sparkling wine, the smooth and creamy texture is perfect on its own or for a bubbly brunch. You could even make this a true moment to remember with one of our Blanc de Blancs Magnums, engraved with a special message for each other to read on the morning.


We recommend: 1 glass per person

The welcome drink


The dress has been revealed and your vows have been exchanged. As you head off to take your wedding pictures, your guests will be getting their first taste of the day to come. You can be as creative or classic as you like with your welcome tipple of choice, so we recommend having fun with this one. If you are opting for a traditional sparkling wine, our Classic Cuvée is a great choice. This fresh and elegant wine is as special as champagne (and made using the same Traditional Method) but with a wonderful English twist. For something a little different, a dash of British Cassis in the winter or Framboise in the summer is the perfect way to elevate this sparkling wine.


If you are hoping to go for something less traditional, our Bolney Estate Gin makes a delicious addition to your wedding day. Keep it simple with your favourite tonic and garnish or mix it up into a cocktail inspired by your love story. And for those of your guests who aren’t gin lovers? Our Sparkling Cider is always a big hit. Enjoy chilled in the summer or mulled in the winter.


We recommend: 2 glasses of wine or drinks per person.

The meal


“A good wine is like a gentle kiss, its effect throughout the meal is scintillatingly sensual in an elegantly understated way.” – Frances Tabeek, Wine Enthusiast.


Choosing the wine for your meal can be a bit of a minefield with so many tastes to cater for. However, our advice here would be to try and stick to popular wine varieties, but ultimately to choose what you love (it is your day after all)! The first decision is red, white or rosé – do you want all three, just red and white, majority one colour with a few bottles of another? We’d suggest breaking it down by course for the perfect pairings to complement your meal.

A red wine such as our Lychgate Red goes well with heavier dishes including red meats, game and grilled foods. Our Estate Pinot Noir is great with less richly flavoured foods such as brie, and green vegetables such as asparagus.

Our white wines pair well with lighter dishes such as fish, especially white fish and shellfish, as well as sushi and Asian inspired dishes, and spring vegetables. We think our Estate Pinot Gris would make a wonderful choice here. Our Estate Chardonnay and Lychgate Bacchus also make a mouthwatering match for desserts such as fresh fruits, dark chocolate puddings and hard cheeses.

Rosé wine may be a bit of a divisive decision when it comes to a wedding, however if you’re a lover of this pink drink, we’re all for going against the grain and surprising your guests. Our Lychgate Rosé complements summer fruit desserts with its fresh and silky style. It also works very well with Asian food, BBQ’s and seafood for a main course.

We recommend: ½ to ¾ of a bottle of wine per person.

The toast


Heartfelt speeches, tales told and glasses raised. A stunning sparkling choice makes the perfect standout wine to toast to the new happy couple. Our delicate, well-balanced Bolney Bubbly is a crowd pleaser, sure to delight your guests. For something a little different, try our Cuvée Rosé which looks as good as it tastes, adding perfect rose toned hues to the all-important photos.


We recommend: 1 glass per person

The evening


Time to get your dancing shoes on! This is the perfect opportunity to really inject your personalities into the drinks menu. We’d suggest setting up a wine and cocktail bar with your favourite drinks. You could even add your own special twist and name the cocktails together for a bespoke touch to your day. We recommend featuring your favourite wines from throughout the day, plus an extra choice if desired. Our Eighteen Acre Rosé makes a great sparkling evening wine. For the cocktails, our Bolney Estate Gin and Rosso Vermouth are the perfect base for a whole range of delicious drinks including our favourite, Sussex Negroni.


As your day draws to a close, you may opt for a cheese finale, and what better pairs with cheese than wine? Our unique sparkling red Cuvée Noir makes a standout choice for your cheeseboard, and is sure to leave guests talking long past your dream day.


We recommend: 1 glass per person, per hour, plus 1 glass each of Cuvée Noir.

Engagement celebrations and gifts

Our sparkling wines also make a great choice for many other elements of the journey to say ‘I do’, from getting engaged to thanking your wedding party. For engagement toasts we’d recommend our easy drinking Bolney Bubbly or our elegant Cuvée Rosé. Our magnums make a wonderful and memorable gift for the newlyweds, and our engraving service helps to add that special, personal touch too.  If you’re looking for a way to say thank you after your celebrations, our Classic Cuvée or Blanc de Blancs are sure to impress and let your loved ones know just how treasured they are.