Award-Winning English Wine from Bolney Wine Estate

At Bolney Wine Estate, we have been crafting top English wines for 50 years, producing rich reds, fresh whites, and stunning sparkling wines from our own, home-grown grapes. We are proud of our award-winning range, which even includes vegan-friendly wines.

You can browse our English wines by colour, mood, grape variety, food pairing, and style in a curated selection which means you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want to try just one bottle or get a case selection, Bolney Wine Estate is your go-to English wine supplier.

Explore our English wine selection or learn more about it below. And don’t forget: we offer free UK delivery on orders over £50.

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English Red Wine

Our English red wine production is one of our proudest achievements. Before the 90s, an English Pinot Noir was thought impossible by the wine industry and consumers alike. Our Head Winemaker, Sam Linter, sought to challenge this notion. What came next was a Pinot Noir that has since won multiple national and international awards and become immensely popular with customers for its distinct, full-bodied flavours.


If you’re looking for a still red with a heavier feel, try our Lychgate Red, similar to a Cabernet Franc. Or, we offer a unique sparkling red wine in the form of our Cuvée Noir. Whatever red wine you’re in the market for, we have a luxury selection of exquisite flavours to suit a range of palates. Not sure which to choose? Order a Red Wine Lovers Case for a mouthwatering selection of British reds that will satisfy all the senses.


Browse our English red wine selection.



English White Wine

We offer a wonderful choice of English white wines to suit every occasion. Celebrate by popping a bottle of our always-popular Bolney Bubble or relish the sophisticated tastes found in Pinot Gris and Blanc de Blancs. You’ll find that our English whites hone in beautifully on their fruit qualities and are deliciously dry in style.


Our exciting work with lesser-known grape varieties gives you the opportunity to try a unique roster of white wines that more traditional English wine companies simply aren’t offering. From textured, crisp tastes to smooth, medium-bodied, we have a fantastic range of English white wines, still and sparkling, ready and waiting for you.


Browse our English white wine selection.




English Sparkling Wine

Looking for something a little more special? Our award-winning English sparkling wines are perfect for marking celebrations or as a gorgeous gift for a loved one, with an elegant gift box to make it all the more special. For sparkling whites, we have planted Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grape varieties in our Sussex vineyard, giving you all the classic champagne varieties.


We produce all of our sparkling English wines in the traditional method, aged on the lees in-bottle for several months or even several years. This time and care allows them to develop a more sophisticated flavour. Have a look at our Sparkling Party Case for the ultimate birthday gift for the wine lovers in your life.


Browse our English sparkling wine selection.



English Rosé Wine

Delicate, elegant, and lively, our collection of English rosé wines offers an exciting array of flavours. We’ve been thrilled to see the recent resurgence in the popularity of rosé wines and are proud of the distinctive range we’ve curated at our English wine estate. From our sparkling rosé to our Lychgate rosé, these wines can be enjoyed year-round and have many food pairing options. For a splendid Summer selection try the Rosé Mixed Case, which gives you six bottles to enjoy.


Browse our English Rosé wine selection.



English Wine Magnums

A Magnum gives you twice the amount of wine in one bottle, making it the perfect gift for special occasions. The larger bottle yields more complex flavours and more fizz – allowing for even bigger celebrations! Buy a Magnum of Bolney Bubbly or splash out on a Celebration Case that gives you three English Wine Magnums to mark your celebration in style.




Vegan-Friendly Wines

Making the decision to go vegan shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on a world of taste and indulgence. We have a fantastic selection of wines that are suitable for vegans, with no flavour lost. Pair a sophisticated Pinot Noir with a vegan cheeseboard or supplement a vegan casserole dish with a medium-bodied Lychgate Red. You’ll find your choices aren’t limited with our range of vegan English wines, which includes the award-winning Cuvée Noir.


Browse our vegan-friendly English wine selection.



Mixed English Wine Cases

Can’t choose? Our mixed wine cases are the solution. You can indulge in a selection of our award-winning English wines that give you a tantalising taste of our creations. You can enjoy a case that’s a mix of still and sparkling, red, white, and Rosé so you have a bottle available whenever the fancy takes you, or even if you’re just not sure what your favourite is yet! Whether it’s a dinner party with friends, a special occasion with loved ones, or you’re just a wine lover, these mixed cases are the perfect gift for yourself or others.



Start Exploring Our Range for Your English Wine Delivery

Here at Bolney Wine Estate, we take pride in our passionately crafted selection of English wines that have been recognised by a string of prestigious awards. Whatever your taste, whatever the occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect wine for you in our premium selection. You can also make sure you always have a beautiful bottle to hand with our Monthly Wine Subscription, which helps you to save money on your favourites.


If you’re looking for English wines for sale, make sure to view our English wine offers to see what we have on at the moment.


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