‘What sets a Magnum apart?’ – your questions answered

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What’s better than one bottle of English wine? The answer may be two, but that’s not the only reason why magnums grow more popular year on year. Whether it’s as a showstopper at a dinner party or to keep for that sparkling special occasion, let us share a thing or four about why magnums are the perfect addition to your celebrations.

Obviously, more wine!

It may sound like we are stating the obvious here, but just how much extra wine do you get in a magnum we hear you ask? At Bolney, a magnum is two bottles of wine, which will give you at least 12 glasses to enjoy, making it perfect to share with friends for a truly special celebration. Whether you’re hosting or attending, showing up with a magnum in hand is sure to impress guests and start a conversation. If you’re going to pop open a magnum and drink over a few days, make sure to invest in a Sparkling Stopper.

Wine in magnum is slower to age

Magnums might look great, but they also taste exceptional too! Did you know, there is less surface area in a magnum for the wine to air than there is in a standard bottle? Without sounding too technical, this means that your wine will age slowly and have more time to draw out those unique flavours. You can guarantee with a magnum that the wine is going to be of a superior quality and have its own complex flavour, as demonstrated in our award-winning Cuvée Rosé 2016. This method of ageing also creates more fizz –  and therefore even more reason to celebrate!

They are disgorged by hand

Our magnums are handcrafted, meaning that you are drinking the very best of the best! It is very rare that disgorgement is done by hand, but the exception is made for larger bottles such as magnums; another reason why they are so unique. Our magnums are hand disgorged here on our Estate in Sussex, so you can rest assured of the care and detail that has gone into creating your magnum.

A cause for celebration

If you’re treating yourself or someone else to a magnum, the chances are there is something to celebrate. Whether it be a Friday night, Wednesday night, birthday or milestone, a celebration or gift, Bolney’s award-winning English wine in magnum is perfect to toast with.

Celebrate with Bolney, discover our range of sparkling magnums here.