Popular Pairings

Lychgate Rose and Brighton Salami

The red fruit flavours in this wine complement the rich, sweet spices in the Brighton Salami, whilst the wine’s crisp, fresh acidity cuts through the fattiness, refreshing your palate and demanding a second bite. A mouth-watering pairing!

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Blanc de Blancs and Sussex Charmer

The lively fresh acidity in our Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine pairs perfectly with the Sussex Charmer cheddar cheese. The yellow fruit characters cut through fatty and rich foods very well and keeps the palate beautifully fresh.

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Bolney Estate Gin and Fever Tree Tonic

As richly scented as a country hedgerow, our Bolney Estate Gin pairs perfectly with a Mediterranean tonic. The tonic compliments it's earthy, floral depths and spicy aromas. Top off with a sprig of fresh rosemary to complete.

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Pinot Noir and Sussex Brie

A creamy brie is the perfect pairing for our English Pinot Noir. The light elegance of our Pinot Noir does not over power, making it a great partner for lighter, less richly flavoured foods like the Alsop and Walker Sussex Brie.

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