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The past couple of years has seen a resurgence in the popularity of British rosé wine, and here at Bolney Wine Estate, we are proud to make some of the finest quality English rosé wines in our Sussex vineyards.

We have put 50 years of passion and expertise into creating a diverse portfolio of English wines, and have been endorsed by a string of awards from our industry peers. From our sparkling rosĂ© to our still, we have a range of flavours and styles sure to satisfy any wine lover – new or seasoned.

Browse our exceptional selection of English rosĂ© wine, which you can buy by the single bottle or by the case, with a mixed selection available if you just can’t choose one. All orders over ÂŁ50 will get free UK delivery. Or, you can subscribe and save a potential 15% on our range with our monthly subscription offer.

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Our Range of Award-Winning English Rosé Wine

An English rosĂ© wine is not only wonderful on a summer’s evening, but can be relished year-round, too. Whether it’s a relaxing night in or a special celebration, our rosĂ© wines can be the perfect accompaniment.


You can browse our whole range of English rosé wine by food pairings, grape varieties, mood, and style to find the one for you.



Cuvée Rosé

For a delicately elegant rosé, our popular Cuvée Rosé is the perfect choice. This sparkling rosé is made in the traditional method from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grape varieties. It has beautiful floral aromas with a fresh finish and pairs well with cheese, fish, or red berry desserts. Our Cuvée Rosé is the proud recipient of the Glass Of Bubbly Awards Overall In Class Trophy Winner 2021, the Wine GB Awards 2021 Silver, and the Global Rosé Masters 2018 Gold. Go large with the Cuvée Rosé Magnum option for double the bubbles.



Lychgate Rosé

Our Lychgate Rosé is expressive and stylish, with an intense taste of summer fruit puddings, raspberries and pomegranate. Think aromas of strawberries and cream and picnic food on a warm sunny day. This wine was the deserving winner of the Wine GB Awards 2021 Bronze.



Bolney Bubbly Rosé

Celebrating something? Our crowd-pleasing Bolney Bubbly is a spectacular sparkling rosé for a special occasion. Soft and lively, the fresh notes of red berries are brought together with hints of almonds.



Rosé Tasting Trio

If you’re relatively new to the wonderful world of English rosĂ©, a tasting trio is a fantastic place to start. Indulge in three of our award-winning rosĂ©s, each with its own unique flavour and style. The trio contains a CuvĂ©e RosĂ©, a Bolney Bubbly RosĂ©, and a Lychgate RosĂ©.



Rosé Mixed Case

Finally, for the true rosĂ© lover, our mixed case of English rosĂ© wines has all you need for those delightfully long summer evenings. You’ll be able to stock on six bottles of bliss with four Lychgate RosĂ©s, one Bolney Bubbly RosĂ©, and one CuvĂ©e RosĂ©.



Subscribe and Save on the Best English Rosé Wine

When it comes to English wine, Bolney Wine Estate has you covered with a premium portfolio passionately made in the Sussex countryside. Our English rosé wine can not only provide the taste of summer but will also keep you going with lively aromas and fresh tastes in the winter months.


Get a one-time purchase of a single bottle, a case of six or twelve, or subscribe and save with our Monthly Wine Subscriptions. With our subscription offer, you could save up to 15% on our full range and ensure you’re always well-stocked with beautiful English rosĂ© wine.


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