Walks and Wanders

by Mark Furmedge August 01, 2018

Walks and Wanders

So, the weather’s taken a turn for the better and you fancy a wander. The only issue is, where do you go?

From picturesque valleys to 20th Century gardens, West Sussex has so many different locations for a stroll, or even a full-on hike. For some, choosing where to go is a walk in the park – quite literally! And for others, it has to be nothing but the perfect views. Hopefully, some of the following will suit everyone’s taste.

One of my personal favourites is Cissbury Ring, located about five kilometres from Worthing town centre. Cissbury Ring, located upon the South Downs, is the largest hill fort in Sussex and the second largest in all of England, covering a massive 60 Acres of land. It is said that the earthworks that form the various fortifications throughout the whole of Cissbury ring were built during the Iron-age; circa 250BC. Being on a hill, you can expect views across the Downs to the English Channel.

If castles and fortifications are up your street then Bramber Castle is another must do. You can find the castle in the village of Bramber, overlooking the River Adur. Whilst not much of the original castle structure is still standing to this date, much of the castle and its layout can still be identified for those who fancy a challenge. If the castle’s structure doesn’t interest you as much, the walk around the castle and through Bramber itself is somewhat magical. The village bestows old Norman houses, pubs and B&B’s as well as being home to St Nicholas Church.

Now, if manmade buildings aren’t for you and you would much rather enjoy the beauty and sheer power that nature bestows, then maybe neither Cissbury Ring or Bramber Castle is the one for you. Do not fear though, there is always something for everyone. If nature is your go to, why not try the South Downs or Devil’s Dyke – the walks allow you to enjoy the breath-taking views across a large majority of West and East Sussex. You are guaranteed to get a shot of colour, with spring and summer bringing an abundance of wild flowers into bloom; with the chalky soil forming unique grassland which is full of richness for growth. Even though I am mainly speaking of walks, Devil’s Dyke is renowned for its cycling, with a variety of different options. Novice riders or families can enjoy traversing the flatter trails along the top of the South Downs, whilst really taking in the views.  More experienced riders can easily dip off the trail and experience the mountains at high speed before reaching the bottom. Luckily, there are plenty of villages and pubs scattered along the bottom of the Downs, so make sure to hydrate before making the climb back up!

If these walks aren’t enough and you are after some woods and lakes, whilst still having the option to stop for a drink or some food, why not look around Bolney Wine Estate? We have a stunning vineyard that you can do by yourself (or book onto a tour and get some information on the vines as well). After your walk, relax in our Eighteen Acre Café and Restaurant. Another walk around the wine estate lies just off the A272, around ‘The Mill Pond’. This walk consists of twists and turns throughout the trees, with each change leading to a different place. Warning - it’s easy to get lost!

These are just a couple of the many walks and wanders around Sussex, and I can almost guarantee you will find the perfect local spot to enjoy. Whether it’s for you, or for your family, West Sussex will always provide a varied choice of scenery and architecture.
Mark Furmedge
Mark Furmedge

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