A look back at Bolney 2021

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As 2021 draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at a year of Bolney. It’s been another unprecedented year with it’s fair share of challenges, but we’ve also had lots to celebrate. Much of this wouldn’t have been possible without your support, so a huge thank you to every single person who has been a part of our year! Here are some of our favourite moments of 2021:

We went electric

The same Sussex sunshine that ripens Bolney’s grapes can now be used to charge your car. We worked with Brighton Energy Cooperative to provide our customers with electric vehicle charging points. The installation of this community owned, solar-linked charging point at our estate was the first of its kind in the South East.


The team said: “We have been guided by nature since we started in 1972. Powering our site, and now our customers’ cars, with renewable energy fits with our ethos of producing quality wines with minimum impact on the planet.”

We introduced Winemaker’s Edition and Estate Chardonnay to our range

Following some fantastic harvests over the past few years, we were proud to add two exceptional wines to our Bolney range this year. Our hugely popular, gold award-winning Estate Chardonnay is set to become a Bolney staple, with its apricot, orange peel and honey notes. Winemaker’s Edition was the first in our exciting new range and will be joined by some special additions next year.


Wine GB said: “This Chardonnay has a fresh, citrus nose with a touch of nuttiness, balanced with pure fruit core and great weight. Elegant, balanced and beautifully made.” We couldn’t agree more!




We launched our new website

In May this year, we said hello to our brand-new website! This has given us the opportunity to tell you more about us and our wines, share our top tips, pair our favourite wine and food products, offer more delivery options and share plenty of the goings ons and photos from our vineyard and winery teams. It involved a lot of hard work behind the scenes for our marketing team, so we were really excited to be able to share this with you all in 2021.


You said: “I’ve been exploring the new website and I’d like to say I think it’s wonderful. The sections are so clear and with thoughtful info running through them. 

My favourite bit is the story and info included on other brands. It’s inclusive with good community vibes. Well done!”


We created Bolney Kitchen

Our kitchen team have been asked time and again for the secret recipes to their tasty condiments and treats in our café. This year, they decided to give our customers what they want and created Bolney Kitchen. This range features customer favourites from across our menus, including our delicious tomato and pancetta jam, and our creamy white chocolate and raspberry fudge. You can find these, and more, in our Vineyard Shop.


The team said: “We’re so excited for you to discover our new venture featuring our delicious, homemade food. Made with all natural ingredients, each product has been lovingly created by the team in our on-site kitchen.”

We made wine (against all odds)

Beyond the obvious challenges of 2021, the weather also had our (already incredibly hardworking) vineyard team working hard. Late frosts and cooler weather in the summer months delayed the start of our growing season, but against all odds, we had a successful harvest! Keep an eye out in the new year for our 2021 vintages.


The team said: “We’ve had a challenging year out in the vineyard, but our team have worked hard and kept in high spirits, leading to another successful harvest. Everyone at Bolney has helped when needed, from the office team tucking vines, to the café team keeping us fuelled and warm with drinks and treats!”

We expanded our cocktail kits

Continuing to bring Bolney to you, we expanded one of our most popular collections. The perfect treat for any cocktail connoisseur, our new cocktail kits include both classics and Bolney specials, from a rich Sussex Negroni to a velvety Espresso Martini. We’ve loved helping you to create the ultimate at-home mixology experience this year.


You said: “What to buy for people we weren’t going to see at Christmas? Such a dilemma and amazing feedback when they received the sparkling wine and cassis (Kir Royale Cocktail Kit). I have literally never had such effusive thanks having sent someone a present. They loved it, thank you so much for the quick delivery and helpful gift ideas.”

Next year is a really exciting year for us as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. We’ve got lots planned and we can’t wait to share our calendar of events and exclusive releases with you soon. See you in 2022 to raise a glass to 50 years of award-winning English wine.