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Bolney Wine Estate is one of the oldest and largest producers of English sparkling wine, crafting award-winning bubblies that resonate with the charm and sophistication of true British heritage. For content creators who thrive on uncovering unique and sustainable culinary treasures, Bolney offers a unique experience that goes beyond the typical wine narrative.


For further information or to arrange an exclusive visit to our Sussex vineyard, contact our media team directly. A partnership could offer you the chance to enhance your brand and share the distinctive taste and story of Bolney’s authentic English sparkling wine with your audience.


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Bolney Wine Estate is Putting Sussex Wine on the Global Map

Established in 1972, Bolney Wine Estate has pioneered innovation and quality in English sparkling wine production for half a century. Our beautiful Sussex vineyard captures the essence of this region, delivering an authentic and high-quality portfolio. With each bottle, we commit to preserving the environment while providing a taste rich in heritage and backed by meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring every sip reflects the renowned Sussex terroir’s purity and vibrancy.


Renowned for our exceptional English sparkling wines, we invite you to create compelling content with our products. Showcase our English wines to your audience while granting behind-the-scenes peaks to our winemaking process and artisanal methods through snapshots of vineyard tours and tastings.


Give your audience a ‘Taste of Sussex’ – an exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in one of the UK’s most promising wine regions.

Explore Our Award-Winning Sparkling English Wines

At Bolney Wine Estate, we take pride in crafting some of the finest English sparkling wines, offering a variety of styles to suit every palate and occasion. Whether you’re looking to enhance your content with exclusive wine gifts or feature a luxurious magnum in your next big post, Bolney’s range of Sussex sparkling wines is perfect for those in the media, blogging, and influencer spheres who value authenticity and quality.

English White Sparkling Wine

Celebrate the essence of Sussex with our award-winning Bolney Bubbly. This delightful English sparkling wine captures the palate with its floral and brioche notes, accented by a citrus zest that ensures a well-balanced taste with a hint of sweetness. It’s a versatile choice, having garnered accolades such as Silver at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2018 and Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2018.


For those who appreciate a more sophisticated flair, our single vintage Blanc de Blancs is crafted using the traditional method, producing a refined blend of citrus, apple, brioche, and hazelnut notes. This exquisite wine has achieved multiple awards, including Gold at the Texsom International Wine Awards 2020.


Our Classic Cuvée is a testament to traditional British craftsmanship, blending hedgerow fruits and sweet apple with brioche aromas. The elegant persistence of its mousse brings a fresh sophistication that has earned it Silver at the Glass of Bubbly 2021.


English Rosé Sparkling Wine

Light and elegantly crafted, the Cuvée Rosé marries floral and red apple aromas with a refreshing finish, making it an ideal match for cheese, fish, and red berry desserts. Its finesse has been recognised with several awards, including the Glass Of Bubbly Overall In Class Trophy Winner 2021.


For a vibrant twist, the Bolney Bubbly Rosé combines notes of redcurrant, cherry, and strawberry with a subtle hint of almonds. This lively rosé is perfect for pairing with diverse dishes from chilli con carne to cream teas, making it a versatile addition to any tasting or culinary feature.


English Red Sparkling Wine

The Cuvée Noir is a standout in our collection, the Cuvée Noir offers a unique sparkling experience with its deep red berry aromas and creamy, full-bodied mousse. Perfectly paired with BBQ meats and rich cheeses, this English sparkling wine is a must-try, especially in its magnum form for those who desire a bit more to share and celebrate.


How Can Our English Sparkling Wine Enhance Your Content?

Visual Storytelling

We understand the importance of visual content in storytelling. If you want to show behind-the-scenes content of our English sparkling wine, vist us to access breathtaking vineyard vistas, close-up shots of our winemaking process, and beautifully crafted product images. These resources empower you to produce polished, professional content that showcases the elegance and quality of our wines.


Sustainability and Authenticity

Aligning with brands that reflect your own values of sustainability and authenticity is crucial. At Bolney, we are committed to eco-friendly viticulture in our English sparkling wine production, ensuring that each bottle not only offers a taste of luxury but also conveys a story of environmental responsibility and meticulous craftsmanship. This alignment allows you to bolster your brand’s image as a proponent of ethical luxury.


Exclusive Experiences

We offer a range of tailored experiences that go beyond the typical vineyard tour. Engage in special harvest days or private tastings of our English sparkling wines. These special encounters provide rare insights into the winemaking world, allowing you to create unique and engaging content that sets you apart in the competitive field of food and wine journalism.


Legacy and Prestige

Our long-standing history and the accolades we have garnered, including features at prestigious events like Wimbledon, add a layer of prestige to your content. Sharing our story helps underscore your reputation as a key influencer in the world of luxury wines.

Explore a Partnership With Bolney Wine Estate

Explore more from Bolney and ensure your wine rack is never without the exceptional taste of Sussex, tailored specifically for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Shop English sparkling wine now and start planning your next successful post or event with Bolney’s unparalleled offerings.


To discuss partnerships or more bespoke offerings, please contact our dedicated team.