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Sip the distinctive taste of West Sussex and indulge your senses in our handcrafted selection of traditional English sparkling wines.

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Uncover England's Sparkling Wine Potential

Finding superb English sparkling wines is made easy with Bolney Wine Estate. As one of England’s oldest commercial vineyards, founded over 50 years ago, we have perfected the craft of world-class bubblies to rival the finest French Champagne.


Our homegrown grape varietals thrive in our Sussex vineyards, developing complex aromas and flavours from the soils and climate, and our traditional production techniques ensure refinement and elegance. With our decades of winemaking mastery, Bolney bottles showcase the immense excellence in English sparkling wines.


Our range of English Sparkling Wines

Experience our multi-award-winning sparkling portfolio for yourself, and shop our latest creations online for delivery across the UK. With Bolney bubblies, you experience England at its best.


Sparkling English wine with floral and brioche notes combined with zesty citrus...
£31.00 Single
£186.00 Case of 6
£372.00 Case of 12


A sparkling English wine made from the classic Champagne varieties.
£35.00 Single
£210.00 Case of 6
£420.00 Case of 12


A very stylish, single vintage, traditional method, quality sparkling wine.
£40.00 Single
£240.00 Case of 6
£480.00 Case of 12


A unique sparkling red wine with red fruit aromas.
£32.00 Single
£198.00 Case of 6
£396.00 Case of 12


Traditional method quality sparkling wine. On the nose a touch of yeast with...


A lively yet soft, fresh traditional method sparkling wine with notes of red...
£31.00 Single
£186.00 Case of 6
£372.00 Case of 12
Bolney Wine Estate

The Bolney Difference

Our founding in 1972 marked the beginning of a tireless pursuit to prove the potential of English fizz, and for over five decades, we have been spearheading English excellence in sparkling wine production.

Bolney Wine Estate

The Bolney Difference

Our founding in 1972 marked the beginning of a tireless pursuit to prove the potential of English fizz, and for over five decades, we have been spearheading English excellence in sparkling wine production.

Innovators of English Sparkling Wine

As a wine lover, you may assume English sparkling wines fall short of their French Champagne counterparts. But this is a common misperception – and one Bolney Wine Estate is shattering.


In our West Sussex vineyards, chalk-rich soils and a cool climate create ideal conditions for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier – the classic Champagne grapes. We meticulously nurture these vines to develop intense aromas and flavours over long growing seasons. Then, adhering to the traditional Champagne method, we craft bottles undergoing secondary fermentation for sumptuous sophistication.


The result is a globally-renowned portfolio of premium English sparkling wines, each earning prestigious awards. When few thought England could compete, Bolney Wine Estate stepped up to the challenge.

Discover Surprising Sparkling English Excellence

Our bottles showcase the immense potential of England’s terroir. In our carefully curated portfolio of English sparkling wines, each has its own tantalising taste and character.

Take a leap and embrace the vibrancy of our emerging sparkling stars.

Greater Access to English Sparkling Wines

We make discovering new favourites seamless, delivering our full selection across the UK, with free delivery on orders over £95. Plus, you can book vineyard tours and tastings at our Sussex estate to sample our excellent English sparkling wines in person, with tutored tastings from Bolney experts.


However you access Bolney’s bubblies, we bridge the gap from vine to glass.

English Sparkling Wines Recognised Globally

At Bolney Wine Estate, we take immense pride in our English sparkling wines, which have garnered countless awards and global recognition.


Our founding over 50 years ago pioneered putting England on the map as a world-class wine producer. Since then, our passionate commitment to quality, innovation, and showcasing England’s potential has only grown stronger. Buying your English sparkling wines from us is an investment in quality.

Fine English Sparkling Wines Minus the Intimidating Price Tags

We think that exceptional English fizz need not break the bank. Our passionately crafted bubblies offer sophistication at fair prices, so all can partake in our potential. With free UK delivery over £50 and generous subscription savings, we empower wine exploration that is never limited by cost.

Prime Your Wine Experience With Sparkling Suggestions

Our sparkling advice blogs provide a wealth of recommendations to complement your choices. From cheese to seafood and desserts, our experts ensure every pour is enhanced – creating delightful journeys with each sip. Let us enrich your English wine adventures.

Discover the Best English Sparkling Wine With Bolney Wine Estate

Explore our collection of multi-award-winning English sparkling wines, available by the bottle or in curated cases of six or twelve. Never run out of your favourites – our subscribe and save option delivers your chosen bubblies on your schedule, with savings of up to 15%. Check our current offers on English sparkling wine for more.


With Bolney, the joy of discovery and collecting England’s finest is yours to embrace.