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Mini Negroni Gift Set

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Simple to make and refreshingly bitter! Our mini Negroni cocktail kit, which is traditionally an Italian cocktail, has been given the Bolney treatment and English twist with the feature of our Bolney Estate Gin and Rosso Vermouth. This mini Negroni gift box has all you need to make the perfect Negroni Cocktail for two and its beautifully wrapped up in an elegant gift box.



Mini Negroni Gift Set


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What's In The Kit

Miniature Bolney Estate Gin

Bolney Estate Gin is a classic, dry English gin. Its vibrant freshness of lemon oil and fennel is delicately balanced with hints of bay and juniper. As richly scented as a country hedgerow, it has an earthy, floral depth and a spiciness on the nose and finish. It gives a natural zing to a G&T and a satisfying heart to any cocktail. 50ml Bottle

Miniature Bolney Rosso Vermouth

Our Vermouth, which is an English red vermouth, has rich, delicious sloe & blackcurrant fruit flavours with caramel, eucalyptus notes and faint rosé and elderflower blossom. So it tastes like a slightly sweet, rich red wine with subtle herbal and spicy tones. 50ml Bottle

Miniature Amaro

Amaro is a family of herbal liqueurs that originate from Italy, with the word amaro being Italian for bitter. These liqueurs are used as an important part of popular cocktails such as a Negroni. Amaro is less sweet than many similar products and the herbal complexity makes this a fantastic addition to your cocktail cabinet. 50ml Bottle

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