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At Bolney Wine Estate, we blend traditional craft with modern innovation to offer an unmatched selection of English wines. As one of England’s oldest and largest vineyards, we provide wine professionals with enlightening access to our award-winning wines and the unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of the burgeoning Sussex wine region and enrich their offerings.


Browse our premium portfolio and buy English wine online, or learn more about our historic estate and the English vineyard tours and wine tastings we conduct below. Plus, explore our Wine Club for even more exclusive benefits for those in the wine industry.

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Bring the Taste of Sussex to Your Wine List

Embrace the rich heritage and innovative spirit of Bolney Wine Estate, a pioneer in English winemaking since 1972. As you delve into the world of English wines, discover how Sussex is quickly becoming a region to rival the famed vineyards of France. Bolney’s award-winning wines, showcased at prestigious events like Wimbledon, highlight the unique terroir and evolving excellence of Sussex.


Our diverse selection of English wines, from elegant whites and robust reds to our celebrated sparkling varieties, offers a comprehensive palette that can enhance any wine list. By exploring the Taste of Sussex, you’re not just sampling exquisite wines; you’re becoming part of an exciting movement in English winemaking. Experience the tradition and quality that Bolney Wine Estate brings to every bottle, and see how our wines can enrich your offerings.


How Bolney Wine Estate Can Enhance Your Content

Heritage and Innovation

Established in 1972, Bolney Wine Estate is one of the oldest and largest commercial vineyards in England. Our deep-rooted heritage in traditional English winemaking in Sussex combined with innovative techniques sets us apart, making our vineyard a key player.


Award-Winning Quality

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our wide array of English wines that have captured the hearts of wine connoisseurs across the globe. From the delicate nuances of our English rose wines to the robust body of our red wines and the refined bubbles of our Sussex sparkling wines, Bolney showcases the best of English viticulture.


Focus on Sustainability

Committed to sustainable practices, we ensure that each bottle of Bolney wine not only tastes good but is also made with respect for the environment. This commitment resonates with professionals who prioritise sustainability in their own selections.


Educational Opportunities

We offer specialised wine tours and masterclasses that are perfect for sommeliers looking to expand their expertise in English wines. These educational experiences provide a behind-the-scenes look at our winemaking process and deep dives into the characteristics that make Sussex wines unique.

Explore Our English Wine Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the meticulous methods and sustainable practices we employ to produce our award-winning English wines. Each bottle is a testament to the quality and unique terroir of Sussex, offering wine professionals an exceptional selection to enrich their offerings.

English Sparkling Wine

Our sparkling wines, like the Classic Cuvée and Blanc de Blancs, exemplify the traditional method, ageing on lees to enhance depth and complexity. The Classic Cuvée, awarded Gold at the Glass of Bubbly 2020 and Silver at the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships 2020, is celebrated for its elegant blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. The Blanc de Blancs stands out with its sophisticated texture and creamy finish and secured multiple awards including Gold at TEXSOM Wine Awards 2020.

Still English White Wine

Our Pinot Gris and Lychgate Bacchus represent the pinnacle of English still white wines. The Pinot Gris offers a refreshing medium body with notes of pear, apricot, and a hint of orange blossom, earning Silver at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020. The Lychgate Bacchus, akin to French Sauvignon Blanc, delivers vibrant notes of jasmine and ripe grapefruit and has been recognised with a Bronze at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2020.

Still English Red Wine

The Pinot Noir and Dark Harvest showcase the potential of English red wines. Our Pinot Noir features rich flavours of blackcurrant and ripe fresh fig, complemented by a silky texture ideal for ageing, highlighted by a Gold at Wine GB Awards 2019. Dark Harvest offers a unique blend of red and black fruit with a smoky finish, making it versatile for various culinary pairings.

English Rosé Wine

Our Lychgate Rosé and Bolney Bubbly Rosé are excellent examples of English rosé with vibrant and expressive profiles. Lychgate Rosé, bursting with summer fruits and a sherbet-like zing, received a Silver at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2022. Bolney Bubbly Rosé, perfect for lighter meals and social gatherings, complements its fruity zest with a subtle almond finish, enhancing its food-friendly nature.


Discover Our English Vineyard Tour Experiences

Explore Bolney Wine Estate through our engaging vineyard tours, tailored to deepen your understanding of English wines and the Sussex wine region, and enhance your professional expertise. Each tour includes detailed tastings of our diverse English wine range, providing insights into the unique flavours and techniques behind our celebrated offerings.


Professionals can benefit from a closer look at our operations during guided tours across our thriving vineyards and a visit to our Eighteen Acre Cafe. Our experiences are designed not only to inform but also to enrich your storytelling abilities, helping you captivate your clientele with the rich heritage and innovation of Bolney and Sussex wines.

  • The Ultimate Wine and Food Tasting Tour: A three-hour journey through our vineyard’s history and our contributions to English winemaking, featuring a toast with our acclaimed sparkling wine and a series of paired tastings that culminate with a seasonal mezze board.
  • Sussex Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour: A two-hour session that delves into the harmonious pairing of local cheeses with Bolney wines, enhanced by a tour of our vineyard and a sampling of Bolney Estate Gin to finish.

Join Our Exclusive Bolney Wine Club

Bolney Wine Estate invites wine professionals to join our Wine Club, where members enjoy exclusive access to our award-winning English wines and unique experiences. Choose from three membership tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, to receive quarterly wine cases featuring a curated selection of Bolney’s finest and additional rare bottles from esteemed global partner wineries. Each tier offers tailored benefits, including complimentary tours, tastings, and significant discounts, enhancing your professional palate and wine list.


Beyond premium English wines, our Wine Club members gain priority access to Estate events, first picks of limited-release wines, and special discounts at our Eighteen Acre Café. This membership not only enriches your understanding of English wine through hands-on experiences and expert-led masterclasses but also connects you with a community passionate about innovative and sustainable winemaking. Join Bolney Wine Club to experience the heritage and excellence of one of England’s oldest vineyards, ensuring your wine selection stands out.


Enhance Your Professional Expertise With English Wine

Embrace the opportunity to explore English wines with a professional edge. At Bolney Wine Estate, we are dedicated to supporting wine professionals in their quest for exceptional, sustainable, and distinctively English wines. Discover our tours, taste our award-winning lineup, and expand your wine repertoire with England’s finest.


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