Bolney Wine Estate

Enlightening English Vineyard Tours for Wine Industry Professionals

Bolney Wine Estate invites wine professionals and sommeliers to experience the depth and diversity of English winemaking through our bespoke vineyard tours and tasting sessions. Set in the picturesque Sussex countryside, Bolney Wine Estate is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, making it a prime destination for those in the wine industry looking to expand their knowledge of English wine and delight their clientele and customers’ palates.


Our carefully crafted tours are designed to enlighten and inspire. Participants will delve into the nuances of our award-winning English sparkling wines and explore our diverse offerings, including our signature Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier blends. Each tour provides an in-depth look at our sustainable viticultural practices and the unique Sussex terroir that defines our wines, enabling you to enrich your service.

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The Taste of Sussex Will Enrich Your Wine List

Join us to celebrate Sussex as an up-and-coming wine region poised to rival even France’s esteemed vineyards. By visiting Bolney Wine Estate, you’re getting ahead of the curve, experiencing firsthand the emerging prestige and unique flavours that Sussex has to offer. Explore with us and be part of the exciting evolution of English winemaking.


When you visit us you’re visiting an established leader in English winemaking since 1972. Celebrated for our deep-rooted heritage and innovative spirit, we’ve earned accolades and been featured at prestigious English events like Wimbledon.


Our beautiful vineyard offers a unique array of award-winning English wines, each embodying the distinctive Sussex terroir. Whether enhancing your wine knowledge or enriching your wine list, Bolney provides an exceptional English wine experience.


Discover our celebrated sparkling wines, robust reds, and elegant whites through expert-led tours and tastings. Experience the legacy of Bolney Wine Estate, where tradition meets quality in every glass.

Why Bolney Wine Estate Is the Ideal Partner for Wine Professionals

  • Educational Mastery: Participate in in-depth tours that showcase Bolney’s cutting-edge techniques and the evolving Sussex wine region, ideal for professionals eager to deepen their knowledge in this area.
  • Expand Your Wine List: Enjoy specially arranged tastings featuring our limited-edition and artisan English wines, providing a distinctive insight into the unique flavours developed by our terroir and adding new favourites to your list.
  • Career Enrichment Opportunities: We love collaborating with local Sussex businesses. Explore potential career and collaboration prospects with insights into vineyard operations, designed to foster professional development and networking.
  • Enhanced Storytelling for Client Engagement: These experiences are crafted to enhance your ability to share compelling stories and interesting facts with your customers, helping you showcase Bolney and Sussex wines with greater impact, thereby enriching your service and engaging your clientele more effectively.

Learn More About Our English Vineyard Tour Experience

Our English vineyard tours showcase our exceptional wine range and include comprehensive tastings, allowing sommeliers and wine buyers to explore potential new additions that align with their clientele’s preferences. Bolney Wine Estate provides tailored experiences that go beyond basic tastings, perfect for deepening your understanding of English wines or hosting unique client entertainment and professional development events.


Enjoy guided tours through acres of thriving vines, detailed wine tasting sessions, and the opportunity to relax at our Eighteen Acre Cafe with picturesque vineyard views. Professionals will value the exclusive look into our operations, offering a deep dive into the innovative spirit of one of the UK’s most prestigious vineyards. Our tours are ideal for enhancing storytelling, providing insightful anecdotes, and effectively showcasing Bolney and Sussex wines to enrich your service and engage your clientele.


The Ultimate Wine and Food Tasting Tour

Great for those with a professional interest in wine and gastronomy, our three-hour Ultimate Wine and Food Tasting Tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Bolney’s rich heritage and our contributions to the evolution of English wine. Begin with a toast of our acclaimed English sparkling wine, setting the stage for an in-depth look at the techniques and terroir that distinguish our wines.


Stroll through our vineyards to learn about the vines that produce our unique flavours, followed by a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our winemaking process. The tour culminates in a tutored tasting of five distinct Bolney wines, each paired with the finest local Sussex produce, ending with a seasonal mezze board enjoyed among peers who appreciate the subtle complexities of wine.

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Sussex Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour

Our two-hour Sussex Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour explores the perfect pairing dynamics of cheese and wine, introducing you to our favourite local produce for your inspiration. Experience an insightful tour through our vineyards and gain exclusive insight into our winemaking techniques.


Then, savour a guided tasting of five expertly picked Bolney wines, each matched with a selection of premium Sussex cheeses. This English wine tour not only highlights Bolney Wine Estate’s pioneering efforts in vineyard tours but also ends with a sample of Bolney Estate Gin, illustrating our innovative approach to traditional English winemaking.


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Alfresco Dining Evenings

Join us on the last Saturday of each month for an exclusive alfresco dining experience. We collaborate with local restaurants and food vans to offer exquisite dishes that perfectly complement our wines. Spend a delightful Saturday evening enjoying great food and wine in the scenic surroundings of our estate.

Bolney Wine Bar

Our newly opened Wine Bar, available every Thursday to Saturday starting from Thursday, is open until 10pm. We offer a selection of Charcuterie and cheese boards paired with our award-winning English wines and spirits. No reservations are needed, just come by and enjoy a relaxed evening at Bolney Wine Estate. We look forward to hosting you!

Experience Excellence with Bolney Wine Estate

Join us at Bolney Wine Estate to deepen your professional wine knowledge and discover why we are a leading name in English winemaking. Book your English vineyard tour today and take the first step towards enriching your wine list and impressing your clientele with exceptional Sussex wines.