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Discover Why Sussex is Gaining Global Prominence for English Sparkling Wine

At Bolney Wine Estate, we specialise in producing English sparkling wine that rivals the finest globally, making it an exceptional addition to any wine professional’s repertoire. Our Estate combines centuries-old traditions with innovative techniques to craft award-winning Sussex sparkling wines that reflect our rich terroir and exemplify the burgeoning reputation of UK vineyards. Introducing Sussex and English sparkling wines from Bolney Wine Estate will enhance your offerings and captivate your clientele with their unparalleled quality and distinctive character.


Offer your discerning customers an authentic ‘Taste of Sussex’ with Bolney Wine Estate. Learn more about our portfolio here and how our wines can enhance your list.


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Bolney Wine Estate and the Rise of Sussex Wine

Founded in 1972, Bolney Wine Estate has been at the forefront of the English wine movement, pioneering styles that have set benchmarks within the industry, like our unique sparkling red. Our English sparkling wines are produced using the traditional method, with the classic secondary fermentation in the bottle and extensive lees aging to enhance depth and complexity. This meticulous process ensures each bottle bursts with rich textures and fine, lively bubbles.


Our sparkling wine portfolio includes a range of styles, each crafted from our passionately cultivated vineyards for the optimal expression of our unique Sussex terroir. English sparkling wine from Bolney is celebrated for its terroir-driven profiles, which feature distinct notes that are both refined and bursting with character.


Our beautiful vineyard offers a unique array of award-winning English wines, each embodying the distinctive Sussex terroir. Whether enhancing your wine knowledge or enriching your wine list, Bolney provides an exceptional English wine experience.


Discover our celebrated sparkling wines, robust reds, and elegant whites through expert-led tours and tastings. Experience the legacy of Bolney Wine Estate, where tradition meets quality in every glass.


Why Collaborate With Us?

At Bolney Wine Estate, we take pride in offering an exceptional range of English sparkling wines, meticulously crafted to complete any wine list and enchant the most discerning palates. Our sparkling wines are not only a testament to British craftsmanship but also provide sommeliers and wine traders with unique talking points and a competitive edge in the market.

How English Sparkling Wine Enhances Your Wine List

By featuring Bolney Wine Estate’s English sparkling wines, you not only diversify your wine offerings but also provide your clientele with a narrative of exceptional quality, sustainability, and artisanal English heritage. Each variety reflects the unique terroir of Sussex, promising distinctiveness and sophistication that will set your establishment apart in the competitive wine industry.

Distinctive White Sparkling Wines

Our Bolney Bubbly is a prime example of versatility and elegance, making it a superb addition to any wine list. This award-winning English sparkling wine features floral and brioche notes, complemented by a zest of citrus that ensures a well-balanced taste with just a hint of sweetness. It’s an ideal choice for both standalone enjoyment and as a pairing with delicate dishes, having earned accolades such as Silver at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2018 and Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2018.


For a more refined option, our Blanc de Blancs stands out with its sophisticated single vintage character. Crafted using the traditional method, it blends notes of citrus, apple, brioche, and hazelnut into a creamy, smooth finish. This exceptional wine, awarded Gold at the Texsom International Wine Awards 2020, enriches your offerings and provides a narrative of luxury and tradition that resonates well with connoisseurs.


The Classic Cuvée further demonstrates our commitment to quality and tradition, blending hedgerow fruits with sweet apple and brioche aromas. Its elegant mousse and fresh sophistication have garnered a Silver at the Glass of Bubbly 2021, making it an excellent choice for enhancing special occasions or sophisticated dining experiences.


Versatile Rosé Sparkling Wines

Our Cuvée Rosé, light and elegantly crafted, is perfect for sommeliers looking to offer a wine that pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes. This rosé combines floral and red apple aromas with a refreshing finish, ideal for complementing cheese, fish, and red berry desserts. Its finesse is celebrated, having received the Glass Of Bubbly Overall In Class Trophy Winner 2021.


The Bolney Bubbly Rosé, vibrant and lively, offers a delightful blend of redcurrant, cherry, and strawberry notes, finished with a subtle hint of almonds. This rosé is an excellent choice for pairing with everything from chilli con carne to cream teas, offering versatility and a burst of English garden freshness to your wine list.


Unique Red Sparkling Wine

The standout in our collection, Cuvée Noir, provides a rare red sparkling wine experience. With its rich red berry aromas and creamy, full-bodied mousse, this wine pairs exceptionally well with BBQ meats and rich cheeses. It’s a must-try for those looking to offer something unique, especially in magnum size for added impact. The Cuvée Noir has been recognised with a Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2018, affirming its quality and appeal.


English Wine Experiences for Trade Professionals

Understanding the intricacies of wine can take an ordinary selection and turn it into an exceptional one. Take one of our English vineyard tours and tastings to immerse yourself in the subtleties of English sparkling wine production, from vineyard management to bottling techniques.


Gain invaluable insights into the innovative techniques and sustainable practices that define our winemaking philosophy. Whether it’s exploring our use of small-batch fermentation or discussing the impact of climate on grape quality, each tour or tasting is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and enhance your ability to educate others.


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