• Award Winning
  • Award-Winning English Red Wine
  • 2021

Dark Harvest

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Umami • Damson • Black pepper

This well-balanced wine presents a delightful blend of red and black fruit flavours, complemented by subtle smoky notes for added depth. Savour the enticing taste of ripe cherries, juicy plums, and dark berries that grace the palate with a gentle sweetness. Hints of smokiness add a touch of complexity to the overall experience, enhancing the wine’s character without overpowering its natural charm. Oak influences add a subtle layer of sophistication, elevating the tasting experience. As you reach the finish, enjoy the pleasant lingering sensation of black peppercorn spice, providing a mild, warming touch to the wine’s conclusion.


Grape Variety: Rondo
Food Matches: Pizza • Beef ragu • Souvlaki
Similar in style to: Cabernet Franc


Wine GB Awards 2021 Bronze

Dark Harvest

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