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Dive into the heart of Sussex with Bolney Wine Estate’s exquisite collection of award-winning sparkling wines, each bottle a testament to our heritage, expertise, and the unique terroir that makes Sussex sparkling wines truly special. Our range, including white, red, and rosé sparkling wines, offers something for every palate, occasion, and celebration. Crafted with precision and care, these sparkling wines are not just drinks; they’re an experience, offering a taste of the luxury and quality that Sussex is known for.

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Why Bolney Makes the Best Sussex Sparkling Wines

Bolney Wine Estate stands out as a leader in producing Sussex sparkling wines, known for our blend of tradition and innovation, our heritage as one of the largest and oldest commercial vineyards in the UK, and our commitment to sustainability.


Our distinctive grapes, nurtured in the unique terroir of Sussex, yield wines that offer exceptional flavours, versatility in pairings, and a deep connection to the land. This blend of quality, heritage, and innovation not only garners accolades, including GOLD at the Glass of Bubbly and SILVER at the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships, but also cements our reputation among wine enthusiasts seeking the distinct taste and excellence of Sussex’s sparkling wines.


Explore Our Range of Sussex Sparkling Wine

White Sussex Sparkling Wine

Bolney Bubbly

Delicate yet rich with floral and brioche notes, this sparkling wine pairs zesty citrus fruit with honeysuckle and elderflower, finishing with a soft hint of sweetness. Its awards include SILVER at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2018 and WINNER at the People’s Choice Wine Awards 2017. It’s a versatile choice for any occasion and is ideal with seared tuna or chicken risotto.


Classic Cuvée

A traditional method sparkling wine that’s both stylish and fresh. Made from classic Champagne varieties, it features delightful hedgerow fruits and sweet apple notes. Aged on lees for 2 years, this cuvée pairs beautifully with oily fish and semi-hard cheeses. It’s a GOLD winner at the Glass of Bubbly 2020.


Blanc de Blancs

This single vintage (2018) sparkling wine is elegance in a bottle, offering elegant citrus and apple fruit with brioche and hazelnut aromas. Its smooth texture and creamy finish make it perfect as an aperitif or paired with shellfish and poultry. It has received multiple awards, including SILVER at the International Wine Challenge (Tranche 1) 2021.

Red Sussex Sparkling Wine

Cuvée Noir

A unique, traditional method, sweet sparkling red wine packed with aromas of red fruits like cherry and redcurrants, complemented by sweet blueberries. Aged on lees for four years, it’s perfect with rich game dishes, BBQ meats, and even bitter chocolate desserts. Its distinctive style and creamy richness make it a conversation starter at any table.

Rosé Sussex Sparkling Wine

Bolney Bubbly Rosé

A lively and fresh traditional method sparkling wine with notes of red berries and a hint of almonds. It’s a delightful choice for any celebration, perfect with chilli con carne or a ripe tomato salad.


Cuvée Rosé

Elegant and well-balanced, this sparkling rosé brings fresh aromas of ripe red berries, toasted brioche, and honeyed blossom. With longer lees ageing, it offers finesse and a delightfully dry finish. Its balanced acidity makes it a versatile companion for a range of dishes, from hors d’oeuvres to red berry desserts.

About Sussex Wine

English wine made in Sussex stands as a testament to the unique terroir of this country’s beautiful South East. The cool climate and south-facing vineyards of our West Sussex Estate nurture our grapes, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, allowing them to develop nuanced flavours and an elegant mouthfeel. Our meticulous winemaking process ensures a sparkling wine with delicate bubbles, intricate flavour notes, and a smoothness that dances on the palate.


How We Make Our Sussex Sparkling Wine

We make our English sparkling wine in West Sussex with the revered Traditional Method, a meticulous process echoing the esteemed techniques used in Champagne production. This begins with the careful hand-picking of the finest grapes, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.


Following the initial fermentation in stainless steel to preserve the grapes’ intrinsic qualities, the wines undergo a crucial second fermentation within the bottle itself. This is where the magic of the Traditional Method unfolds, as the wine is aged on lees, often for several years, to develop its signature complexity, depth, and elegant mousse. The lees ageing not only enriches the wine with brioche and nutty flavours but also contributes to its creamy texture and fine, persistent bubbles. Disgorgement then removes the spent yeast, ensuring clarity and brilliance in each bottle.


This labour-intensive, artisanal approach distinguishes Bolney’s sparkling wines, reflecting a commitment to quality and the expression of Sussex’s unique terroir, and places them among the world’s most celebrated sparkling wines.

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