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Discover a New Favourite With English Red Wine Made in Sussex

Crafted with care and precision at our Sussex vineyard, our award-winning red wines offer a unique tasting experience for wine enthusiasts searching for something a little different. Explore our collection and discover the distinctive character of our English Pinot Noir, Dark Harvest, Lychgate Red, and Cuvée Noir, the passion behind the craft, and why a taste of Sussex will enrich your palate.


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Why Choose English Red Wine from Bolney Wine Estate?

Bolney Wine Estate is a pioneering force in the English wine industry, celebrated for producing high-quality, handcrafted wines that reflect the unique terroir of Sussex. Located on the cool-climate slopes near the stunning South Downs, our Estate benefits from the region’s distinctive soil composition and climate, perfect for cultivating exceptional grape varieties like Pinot Noir and Rondo.


With over 50 years of heritage, Bolney Wine Estate is dedicated to sustainable viticulture and innovative winemaking techniques, ensuring every bottle embodies our passion and commitment to excellence.


Sample Excellence from the Emerging Sussex Wine Region

We pride ourselves on capturing the essence of Sussex in our wines, highlighting why this region is gaining global recognition. Sussex’s unique landscape, characterised by its chalky soils and a climate similar to the French Champagne region, provides the ideal conditions for producing exceptional wines.


Our English red wines exemplify the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative techniques that make Bolney Wine Estate the premier destination for experiencing the best of Sussex. From the delicate balance of acidity and minerality to the rich aroma and smooth, elegant mouthfeel, our wines deliver an unforgettable tasting experience.


Learn More About Our Award-Winning English Reds

Our English red wines have garnered numerous accolades, reflecting our dedication to quality and innovation. Each wine in our collection is masterfully blended and fine-tuned to perfection, offering a complex bouquet and a rich, full-bodied flavour profile that sets us apart in the emerging region of English red wine production.


A beautiful well-balanced cool climate Pinot Noir.
£30.00 Single
£180.00 Case of 6
£360.00 Case of 12


This medium bodied wine is full of red and black fruit flavours, complemented...
£16.00 Single
£96.00 Case of 6
£192.00 Case of 12


A medium-bodied dry red wine with earthy aromas.
£20.00 Single
£120.00 Case of 6
£240.00 Case of 12


A unique sparkling red wine with red fruit aromas.
£32.00 Single
£198.00 Case of 6
£396.00 Case of 12

Founder’s Edition Pinot Noir 2018


An exquisite, fresh, luscious and characterful wine.
£62.00 With Box
£55.00 Wine Only

Lychgate Duo Gift Box


The perfect gift for any wine lover, with both white and red English Wines.

Red Royale Cocktail Kit


Classic cocktail with English sparkling wine and a hint of raspberries.

English Pinot Noir

Experience the elegance of our English Pinot Noir, a medium-bodied wine with flavours of blackcurrant, ripe fig, dark cherry, and white pepper. Its silky texture and excellent ageing potential make it ideal for pairing with dishes like roasted poultry and mushroom risotto.


This award-winning wine, with its nuanced flavours and elegant mouthfeel, is a must-try for any wine enthusiast. Recognised with a Gold at the Wine GB Awards 2019, and multiple Silver and Bronze medals from the International Wine Challenge and International Wine and Spirits Competition.

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Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest is a well-balanced red wine that presents a blend of red and black fruit flavours, complemented by subtle smoky notes. With its intricate flavour profile and food-friendly nature, it pairs perfectly with hearty dishes such as pizza, beef ragu, and souvlaki.


This wine’s rich aroma and smoothness have earned it a Bronze at the Wine GB Awards 2021.

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Lychgate Red

Lychgate Red is a rich and complex wine with flavours of ripe stone fruits, spice, dark chocolate, and black olive tapenade. Its full-bodied nature and smooth finish make it ideal for pairing with slow-cooked pork belly and beef ragu.


This award-winning wine, recognised with a Silver at the UKVA English and Welsh Wine of the Year Competition 2014, showcases the best of Sussex’s terroir.

Lychgate Red

Cuvée Noir - English Sparkling Red Wine

Cuvée Noir is a unique sweet sparkling red wine with aromas of red cherry, redcurrants, and sweet blueberries. Its creamy richness and full-bodied mousse make it a perfect accompaniment to rich game dishes, BBQ meats, and chocolate desserts.


This distinctive wine, crafted using traditional methods, has been awarded a Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2018.

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Visit Our Sussex Vineyard to Learn How Our English Red Wine is Made

Experience the magic of Bolney Wine Estate first-hand with a visit to our picturesque vineyard in West Sussex. Our guided English vineyard tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at our winemaking process, from vine to bottle. Discover the sustainable practices and artful techniques that make our English red wines truly special, as well as trying a few for yourself.


Join the Discovery of English Red Wine

Be at the forefront of new wine discovery with Bolney Wine Estate’s premium range of English red wines. Whether you want to sample a single bottle, buy a mixed case, or visit our vineyard, you can bring a unique taste of Sussex to you with every sip. Explore our range today to find your new favourite.