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Bolney Wine Estate invites content creators and media partners to embark on a captivating journey through the pioneering world of Sussex wine. As one of the region’s most celebrated and sustainable wine estates, Bolney offers an exclusive opportunity to enrich your content and your brand with bespoke collaborations that showcase the artisanal excellence and authentic heritage of this distinctive wine region.

Find out more about what makes our award-winning Sussex wine unique below. Or, to discuss bespoke collaborations or partnerships, email [email protected] or call 01444 711 722.


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Collaborating With Bolney Wine Estate

Bolney Wine Estate has been at the forefront of the Sussex wine renaissance for the past 50 years, crafting exquisite and award-winning wines that capture the essence of the region’s chalky soils and unique terroir. From the vibrant and refined Sussex Sparkling wines to the sumptuous Pinot Noir and innovative Pinot Blanc, our handcrafted offerings provide an authentic homegrown narrative for your content.


Bolney Wine Estate offers a wealth of opportunities to create distinctive and engaging content that resonates with your discerning audience. Immerse yourself in our rustic vineyards, where you can capture the beauty of the Sussex countryside and gain insights into our artisanal winemaking processes.


Collaborate with our skilled winemakers, who will share their passion and expertise, providing you with exclusive access to behind-the-scenes experiences and curated tastings. Indulge in handcrafted wine and food pairings that showcase the best of Sussex’s local producers, creating content that celebrates the region’s rich culinary heritage.


Sussex Wine Experiences Can Enhance Your Content

Legacy and Prestige

Feature Bolney’s rich history and prestigious accolades to add credibility and influence to your content. Sharing our legacy connects your audience with the heritage and excellence of Sussex wines.


Sustainability and Authenticity

Showcase your commitment to sustainability by partnering with Bolney Wine Estate. Our eco-friendly viticulture and meticulous craftsmanship reflect ethical luxury, enhancing your brand’s image and resonating with a conscientious audience.

Visual Storytelling

Capture stunning visuals from Bolney Wine Estate, including picturesque Sussex vineyards near the South Downs and meticulous winemaking processes. Use these high-quality images and videos to create polished, captivating content that highlights the elegance of Bolney’s wines.

Exclusive Experiences

Enrich your content with exclusive experiences at Bolney Wine Estate. Participate in special harvest days, private tastings, and behind-the-scenes tours, offering unique insights that set your content apart. Contact our dedicated team to find out more.


Our Impressive Portfolio of Sussex Wine

Explore our curated portfolio of Sussex wines, each bottle a testament to our traditional winemaking techniques. Complement your storytelling with captivating visuals, insider access, and exclusive tastings that take your audience on an intimate journey through the heart of the Sussex wine region.


Sussex Still Wines

Our selection of premium still wines, including Sussex whites, reds and rosés, offers a diverse range of flavours, enriching your content.


Highlight the sophistication of Bolney’s Pinot Noir, with its rich aromas of ripe cherries and a smooth, velvety finish. Perfect for creating engaging stories about versatile red wines that appeal to discerning palates.



Bring the lovely jasmine, elderflower, and ripe grapefruit notes of Lychgate Bacchus to the forefront of your content. This wine’s hints of nettle and freshly cut grass make it a classic example of Bacchus, similar in style to a French Sauvignon Blanc, and its easy-drinking nature will make it a favourite with your audience.



Or, bring a touch of summer to your storytelling with Lychgate Rosé. Its blend of summer berries and refreshing finish is perfect for light, casual content that resonates with a wide audience.

Sussex Sparkling Wines

Create content inspired by the vibrant notes of orchard fruits and the refreshing character of Bolney Bubbly. This sparkling wine is perfect for celebrating special moments and creating visually appealing posts that capture the essence of joy and elegance.


Made from Chardonnay grapes, our Blanc de Blancs offers delicate bubbles with crisp green apple and citrus flavours. Its refined profile makes it a standout feature in your content, perfect for gift guides or luxurious wine recommendations.


You could also introduce your audience to something unique with our Cuvée Noir, a sparkling red wine boasting rich dark berry flavours and a hint of spice. It’s an excellent way to diversify your content and intrigue your followers with something unexpected.


Or, capture the elegance and freshness of a bottle of Bolney Bubbly Rosé in your posts. Its blend of sparkling Sussex wine and fruity rosé flavours adds a sophisticated touch to any occasion, making your content both appealing and memorable.

Share the Joy of Sussex Wine

Our premium selections are perfect for adding authenticity and sophistication to your blog, social media, or other digital platforms. Contact us today to explore unique collaboration opportunities that can help you share the rich narrative of Sussex wine with your audience.


Whether you’re capturing the essence of a wine-tasting event or detailing the craftsmanship behind each bottle, Bolney Wine Estate offers the perfect English wines to make your content stand out.