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Spotlight Our English Red Wine for Content That Stands Out

Bolney Wine Estate invites you to explore the exciting world of English red wine with your audience. As a content creator or media partner, you have the unique opportunity to showcase the enchanting narrative of our artisanal wines.


We pride ourselves on producing English red wines that are exceptional in quality and rich in heritage and sustainability. Our wines, crafted from premium grape varieties like Pinot Noir and Rondo, reflect the vibrant and rustic charm of the Sussex countryside in which they’re cultivated.


By partnering with Bolney Wine Estate, you can provide your audience with an exclusive and authentic experience, capturing the essence of British red wine craftsmanship in every piece of content you create. Email [email protected] or call 01444 711 722 to get the ball rolling.


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Why Collaborate With Bolney Wine Estate?

Bolney Wine Estate is a pioneer in the English wine industry, celebrated for our bespoke, handcrafted wines. Located on the lush South Downs in Sussex, our Estate is renowned for producing premium English red wines that reflect a commitment to sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship. With over 50 years of heritage, Bolney is dedicated to creating wines that capture the essence of our unique terroir, making us a distinguished name among English red wine producers.

What Makes Our English Red Wine Stand Out?

Bolney Wine Estate’s English red wines stand out for their exceptional quality and distinctive character, born from a blend of tradition and innovation. We were one of the first producers of the elusive English reds and have spent the last half-century perfecting the art, utilising premium grape varieties like Pinot Noir and Rondo. Our innovative techniques, such as cold-soaking and malolactic fermentation, enhance the rich fruit and spice characteristics of our wines, while our commitment to sustainability ensures each bottle reflects the essence of our unique Sussex terroir. Bolney’s English red wines, celebrated for their refined profiles and complex flavours, offer an authentic taste of British craftsmanship and a testament to our dedication to excellence.


Explore Our Award-Winning Red English Wines

  • English Pinot Noir: Experience the elegance of our English Pinot Noir, a medium-bodied wine with flavours of blackcurrant, ripe fig, dark cherry, and white pepper. Its silky texture and excellent ageing potential make it ideal for pairing with roasted poultry and mushroom risotto. Awarded Gold at the Wine GB Awards 2019.
  • Dark Harvest: Feature the balanced sophistication of Dark Harvest, with its blend of red and black fruits and subtle smoky notes. Perfect for content around hearty meal pairings such as pizza, beef ragu, and souvlaki. Awarded Bronze at the Wine GB Awards 2021.
  • Lychgate Red: Capture the rich complexity of Lychgate Red, with flavours of ripe stone fruits, spice, dark chocolate, and black olive tapenade. Ideal for stories about pairing with slow-cooked pork belly and beef ragu. Awarded Silver at the UKVA English and Welsh Wine of the Year Competition 2014.
  • Cuvée Noir: Introduce your audience to Cuvée Noir, a sweet sparkling red wine with aromas of red cherry, redcurrants, and sweet blueberries. Its creamy richness and full-bodied mousse are perfect for pairing with rich game dishes and chocolate desserts. Awarded Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2018.

How You Could Showcase Our English Red Wine

Behind-the-Scenes Vineyard Content

Give your audience an insider look at Bolney Wine Estate by capturing the picturesque vineyards, the meticulous care of our vines, and the passion of our winemakers. Highlighting these elements will provide your followers with an authentic glimpse into the artisanal craftsmanship behind each bottle of our English red wine.


Intimate Tastings and Pairings

Feature exclusive tastings of our premium English red wines. Create content that showcases the perfect pairings with local produce, such as roasted poultry with our English Pinot Noir or rich beef ragu with Dark Harvest. This approach highlights the versatility and sophistication of our wines, engaging your audience with immersive culinary experiences.


Sustainable Winemaking Practices

Shine a light on Bolney’s commitment to sustainability. Share stories about our eco-friendly viticulture methods and how they contribute to the quality and uniqueness of our wines. This narrative will resonate with environmentally conscious audiences and enhance your content’s appeal.

Seasonal Events and Celebrations

Capture the magic of Bolney Wine Estate’s seasonal events, such as harvest festivals and intimate vineyard dinners. These events offer a wealth of content opportunities, from the vibrant atmosphere to the exclusive tastings of our award-winning red wines, providing your audience with a rich and engaging experience.


Exclusive Collaborations and Partnerships

Discuss bespoke collaborations and exclusive partnerships with Bolney Wine Estate. Highlight the benefits of partnering with us, including access to unique wine experiences, custom content opportunities, and the prestige of associating with a pioneering name in the English wine industry.

Celebrate English Red Wine in Your Content

Showcasing Bolney’s English red wine in your content creation offers an authentic and exclusive narrative that resonates with discerning audiences. Whether through behind-the-scenes vineyard tours, intimate tastings, or showcasing the sustainable practices that underpin our winemaking, Bolney Wine Estate provides a wealth of engaging content opportunities that highlight the exquisite quality and legacy of our Sussex wines.


Email [email protected] or call 01444 711 722 to discuss ideas.