How to conduct a beer and wine tasting at home

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Whether you’re an expert, enthusiast, or just a wine and beer lover this blog post will guide you through everything you need to host your very own beer and wine tasting.


First and foremost, you need to choose the right beer and wines. You also need to consider the order in which you try them and how you’ll conduct the tasting.


Choosing your beer

With so many different options, it’s not always easy to decide on which drink to go for. We’ve made it that little bit easier with a perfectly selected beer and wine case but if you have something particular in mind, why not customise your tasting evening with your own selection of beers and wines.


How to taste

You’ve got the drinks ready, but which order should you try them in?


When conducting a tasting there are various factors to consider which include:

  1. Alcohol percentage – we would recommend that you start with the lower percentage and work your way up throughout the tasting.
  2. Flavour intensity – for beer you want to look at colour and hoppiness. Light before dark, light hopped before heavily hopped and so on. And for wines we recommend to start with the wines that are lower in tannins.


Although the above is how we would suggest you taste the wines, this can often be personal preference, so feel free to taste them as you wish.


Conduct your beer and wine tasting at home

Like with any event a tasting should be all about having fun. But it’s also good to learn something from the experience. We have put together a tasting guide for you to use to conduct your tasting.


Download our guide below to start planning an unforgettable evening.


Download guide here