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Unique Christmas Corporate Gifts From Bolney Wine Estate

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Premium Festive Corporate Gifting Made Personal

This Christmas, immerse yourself in the world of Bolney Wine Estate, where the elegance and distinction of our English wines create the perfect corporate gifts. Our Sussex vineyards, known for their scenic beauty, produce exceptional English wines that form the heart of our Christmas gifting range.


Delight in our carefully selected gift boxes and hampers, brimming with luxurious treats and award-winning wines. Each gift is a symbol of appreciation and a testament to quality, designed to create lasting impressions and strengthen corporate bonds. Choose from our range of expertly crafted gifts or enhance your gifting experience with an exclusive vineyard tour, set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Sussex.


Browse our brochure or get in touch for bespoke options, and let our unique offerings turn your corporate Christmas gifts into lasting memories.



The Bolney Difference box

Bolney Wine Estate, with over 50 years of history, epitomises the fusion of tradition and innovation in English winemaking. Our Sussex vineyards reflect a commitment to sustainable practices and artisanal excellence.


Choosing Bolney for corporate gifting means sharing a part of English wine heritage, each bottle a symbol of our storied journey and expertise. Our gifts are tokens of history and quality, embodying the legacy of Bolney Wine Estate.

Explore Exceptional Wine and Food Gifts for Corporate Giving

As one of England’s most established vineyards, our gifts embody a deep-rooted legacy of excellence, demonstrating the high regard in which you hold your giftees. Each carefully chosen item, from our award-winning wines to our artisanal hampers, symbolises both our dedication to sustainable viticulture and quality, and your commitment to thoughtful appreciation.

Choosing a Bolney gift bestows a piece of English wine heritage, offering a distinguished and memorable way to express corporate gratitude.

Signature Christmas Hampers

Indulge your clients or employees with our Signature Christmas Hampers, an exclusive assortment of Bolney goodies. These hampers include a selection of our finest wines, such as the award-winning Bolney Bubbly and our renowned still wines, paired with gourmet sweet and savoury treats including our own chutneys and truffles.


Every hamper is a reflection of Bolney’s commitment to quality and tradition, perfectly capturing the essence of a Sussex Christmas. Ideal for corporate gifting, these hampers offer a luxurious taste of our heritage.

Gin & Fizz Extravaganza

Celebrate the festive season with our Gin & Fizz Hampers, a creative expression of Bolney Wine Estate’s unique offerings. These hampers feature our very own Bolney Estate Sloe Gin and the celebrated Bolney Bubbly, complemented by tonics and delectable treats that enhance the festive experience.


Ideal for marking corporate milestones, each hamper is a distinctive choice for corporate celebrations.

Cheese & Wine Delight

Discover the delightful pairing of Sussex’s finest cheeses with Bolney’s distinguished still wines in our Cheese & Wine Hampers. These hampers include a selection of Bolney Estate Still Wines, thoughtfully paired with carefully selected sweet and savoury accompaniments, offering a rich and harmonious taste experience.


Perfect for sophisticated corporate gifting, these hampers showcase the best of Bolney Wine Estate’s offerings and English culinary heritage.

Sussex Vineyard Tours & Tastings

Enhance your corporate gifting with the memorable experience of Sussex Vineyard Tours & Tastings at Bolney Wine Estate. These tours offer an intimate insight into the winemaking process, from grape to glass, and include tastings of Bolney’s finest wines.


These tours work incredibly well as a unique corporate gift, providing a hands-on experience of English wine craftsmanship, and making them a thoughtful and exclusive gift choice.

Christmas Corporate Experience Vouchers

Offer a unique and lasting gift with our Corporate Experience Vouchers. These vouchers combine a bottle of our finest Sparkling Wine, such as Bolney Bubbly or Bolney Bubbly Rosé, elegantly packaged, with a beautifully presented Tour Voucher for an immersive visit to our Sussex Estate.


The experience is further enriched with a guided Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour for two, offering a deep dive into the world of English wine.

Create Memorable Moments with Bolney’s Corporate Gifts

Make this festive season unforgettable with Bolney Wine Estate’s corporate Christmas gifts. From luxurious hampers to exclusive vineyard experiences, our gifts are designed to impress. Download our brochure to explore our full range, or sign up to our newsletter for more information and updates on our latest offerings.


Corporate Gift Ideas

Discover our popular selection of carefully curated gift boxes and hampers for all your corporate gifting needs.

£56.00 Bolney Bubbly
£65.00 CuvĂ©e RosĂ©
£60.00 Classic CuvĂ©e
£58.00 CuvĂ©e Noir
£56.00 Bolney Bubbly RosĂ©
£65.00 Blanc de Blancs
£25.00 Gift Set only

Magnum Gift Box


A Bolney magnum presented in a Bolney gift box.
£84.00 Blanc de Blancs
£71.00 CuvĂ©e Noir
£67.00 Bolney Bubbly
£89.00 CuvĂ©e RosĂ©
£75.00 Classic CuvĂ©e

Gift Voucher


Give the gift of choice with a Bolney Wine Estate gift voucher.
£10.00 E-voucher
£20.00 E-voucher
£50.00 E-voucher
£13.95 Physical Voucher
£23.95 Physical Voucher
£53.95 Physical Voucher
£75.00 Physical Voucher
£100.00 Physical Voucher
£150.00 Physical Voucher

The Ultimate Wine and Food Tasting Tour


Enjoy the ultimate tour of Bolney Wine Estate with your friends and family. The...
£120.00 Buy tour gift voucher
£60.00 Buy & book a tour
£60.00 Redeem tour voucher

The Ultimate Wine and Food Tasting with Tour Voucher


Enjoy the ultimate tour of Bolney Wine Estate with your friends and family. The...

Bolney Condiment Trio


Take a dip into the world of chutney and preserves. 

Wine Lover’s Gift Box


Beautiful gift box with Bolney Bubbly and Lychgate Red

Lychgate Duo Gift Box


The perfect gift for any wine lover, with both white and red English Wines.

Sparkling Stopper


Bolney branded stopper to seal in the bubbles.

Sparkling Wine and Tour Voucher Gift Box


Award-winning wine and a vineyard tour, all wrapped up in a gift box.
£107.00 Bolney Bubbly
£107.00 Bolney Bubbly RosĂ©

Bolney 6 Bottle Bag for Life


Re-useable bag featuring 6 wine bottle compartments.

Sussex By The Glass: A New & Innovative Wine Book


Discover the pleasures of English wine, still and sparkling with this book,...

Founder’s Edition Pinot Noir 2018


An exquisite, fresh, luscious and characterful wine.
£62.00 With Box
£55.00 Wine Only

Absolus Red Wine Glasses (set of 6)


Machine blown lead free crystal glasses designed for red wine. 

Single Still Wine Gift Box


Our most popular gift box, beautifully presented English Wine.
£26.00 Pinot Gris
£32.00 Pinot Noir
£24.00 Lychgate Bacchus
£24.00 Lychgate Red
£24.00 Lychgate RosĂ©

Founder’s Edition Blanc de Blancs 2018


Captivating apple and pear notes on the nose of this traditional method...
£105.00 With Box
£98.00 Wine Only

Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour Voucher


The Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour includes a guided tour of our beautiful...

Single Sparkling Gift Box


English Sparkling wines, beautiful presented in a branded gift box.
£35.00 Bolney Bubbly
£44.00 Blanc de Blancs
£44.00 CuvĂ©e RosĂ©
£39.00 Classic CuvĂ©e
£37.00 CuvĂ©e Noir

Red Wine Lover’s Gift Box


The perfect gift duo for any red wine lover.

Wine Trio Gift Box


A trio of wines in an elegant gift box.
£95.00 RosĂ© Trio
£65.00 Lychgate Trio
£112.00 CuvĂ©e Trio

Rosé Sparkling Duo


Sample our two sparkling rosés: Bolney Bubbly Rosé and Cuvée Rosé. An ideal...

Sussex Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour


Sussex vineyard tour with cheese and wine tasting
£60.00 Buy tour gift voucher
£30.00 Buy & book a tour
£30.00 Redeem tour voucher