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As richly scented as a country hedgerow.

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Sipped by royalty, military and a certain Mr Bond, if gin could talk it would have a story as varied as the flavours and styles you can get today.


Whether you prefer a timeless gin and tonic, a hard-hitting Vesper Martini, a rich Negroni or a fruity gin cocktail, there are so many ways to be part of the gin-naissance.

Bolney Estate Gin

Bolney Estate Gin is a classic, dry English gin. Its vibrant freshness of lemon oil and fennel is delicately balanced with hints of bay and juniper. As richly scented as a country hedgerow, it has an earthy, floral depth and a spiciness on the nose and finish. It gives a natural zing to a G&T and a satisfying heart to any cocktail. Sustainability is a central part of the approach for this gin which has been created using press wine from our very own estate-grown grapes.


Gin Cocktails

The History Of Gin

16th Century

Many believe gin was a British invention however, what we know of gins elaborate history, it was actually a Dutch creation. The Dutch created a spirit called Jenever, a malt wine base distilled with juniper berries. It was believed to have medicinal purposes, but mainly led to the people of that time getting quite merry.

17th Century

Gin grew in popularity across Europe with an explosion in gin production in England, which was great in promoting home-grown spirits. This dramatic rise in gin consumption among the Brit's was in high part due to the increase in import taxes for foreign alcohol as well as the high taxes for local beers and wines.

18th Century

The gin-naissance continued in England through the 18th Century, with reports of over 40million litres being consumed each year causing somewhat of a gin epidemic. Increased crime and death rates as well as decline of births lead to the British government implementing several different gin consumption regulations - known as the 'Gin-Acts'.

19th Century

With gin's expansive history you may be wondering who first invented the world renowned drink we all know and love today - the Gin & Tonic. Well, gin was the chosen tipple of the Royal British Navy and when they occupied India in the 19th Century they would ingest quinine to prevent malaria. To stomach the taste they would mix this with water, sugar and lime, then one clever Brit decided to add a splash of gin - and the G&T was born.

Gin Today

Fast forward to today and gin has been embraced as a classic cocktail ingredient. The current gin-naissance which has seen independent distillers create unique gins with refreshing aromas and flavours, inspired us to launch our very own Bolney Estate Gin in 2019.

English Gin Gifts

Mini G&T For Two


Mini G&T gift box for two.

Mini Negroni Gift Set


Mini Negroni gift box for two.

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