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Enhance Content Creation With English Wine Partnerships

Bolney Wine Estate, steeped in tradition and innovation, is the perfect partner for food and wine influencers or journalists seeking to differentiate their brands with authentic and engaging content. Established in 1972 in the heart of Sussex, Bolney Wine Estate is not only one of the oldest wine producers in England but also a leader in producing exquisite, award-winning English wines and English wine experiences that can resonate with a global audience.


Learn more about our unique offerings below, including our exclusive wine club and hireable event spaces on our beautiful Sussex vineyard.


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Celebrate English Wine Excellence With Your Audience

Bolney Wine Estate has been at the forefront of English winemaking since 1972, championing quality and innovation. Our Taste of Sussex campaign invites influencers to discover and share the unique story of this emerging wine region, renowned for producing distinctive English wines that rival traditional vineyards globally.


This initiative offers influencers unique content opportunities, including behind-the-scenes tours and private tastings. It’s a chance to educate and inspire your audience about the artisanal methods and sustainable practices that define Bolney Wine Estate. Join us in highlighting Sussex as a rising star in the global wine industry, and enrich your content with the narrative of an evolving English wine destination.


How Bolney Wine Estate Can Enhance Your Content

Enhance Your Visual Storytelling

Understanding the need for high-quality visuals, Bolney facilitates access to stunning vineyard imagery, detailed product photos, and crafted video content that allows you to convey the beauty and sophistication of our offerings. This support helps you create polished, professional posts that reflect the quality of the wines you are promoting.


Align with Sustainability and Authenticity

Collaborate with a brand that mirrors your values. Bolney’s commitment to sustainable viticulture and ethical practices ensures that every bottle tells a story of environmental stewardship and exceptional craftsmanship. By partnering with Bolney, you not only enhance your brand but also advocate for responsible luxury that your audience can appreciate and trust.


Access Exclusive Content Opportunities

Bolney can discuss offering influencers unique experiences such as harvest days, winemaker interviews, and private English wine tastings. These opportunities provide insider access not commonly available to the public, allowing you to share compelling, fresh content that captivates and educates your followers about the nuances of winemaking.


Connect with a Legacy of Excellence

Engaging with Bolney Wine Estate allows you to associate with a vineyard known for its legacy and awards. Share stories of Bolney’s celebrated history and its role in pioneering English wine at prestigious events like Wimbledon, enriching your content with a narrative of excellence and prestige.


Explore Our English Wine Portfolio

Explore Bolney Wine Estate’s premier selection of English sparkling wines, each a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship and Sussex’s unique terroir. Highlight your content with our Bolney Bubbly or the celebrated Classic Cuvée, which has garnered accolades including a Gold at the Glass of Bubbly 2020. Their elegant blend of floral, brioche, and citrus notes provides a rich narrative for your audience, perfect for captivating visuals and storytelling.


Extend your exploration to our range of still English wines, including the aromatic Pinot Gris and the robustly flavoured Pinot Noir, which offer further diversity and depth to your features. Our vibrant Lychgate Rosé, with its notes of summer fruits, adds a lively touch to any tasting session. These selections enrich your portfolio and provide engaging content that resonates with a sophisticated audience looking for authentic and exceptional English wine experiences.


English Wine Tours And Events

Bolney Wine Estate provides more than just a visit; we can discuss offering behind-the-scenes access to our winemaking process, exclusive interviews with our vintners, and handcrafted wine and food pairings that highlight local Sussex producers. These experiences could provide you with fresh, high-quality content that will captivate your followers and set you apart from the competition.


Visit Us for Bespoke English Wine Collaborations

Explore the picturesque grounds of Bolney Wine Estate, a perfect backdrop for creating content that resonates with your audience. Our picturesque Estate offers versatile spaces that can be tailored for a variety of events, from exclusive tastings to larger gatherings, all set within the tranquil Sussex countryside.


Whether you’re looking to host a specialised event with premium English wine, collaborate on a unique project, or just find a serene spot for your next shoot, Bolney Wine Estate is open to crafting bespoke partnerships. Our Marketing & PR team is eager to work with influencers and bloggers to explore innovative ideas. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please email

Join the Exclusive Bolney Wine Club

Explore exceptional English wines by joining the Bolney Wine Club. Ideal for food and wine bloggers seeking exclusive content, membership offers curated selections of our finest English wines, including rare and limited releases. Each quarter, enhance your content with unique insights and behind-the-scenes access to vineyard events and wine tastings.


By showcasing Bolney’s exclusive English wines and sharing personal experiences from member events, you’ll not only captivate your followers but also position yourself as a discerning influencer within the luxury food and wine niche.


Share the Joy of English Wine With Your Followers

Join us at Bolney Wine Estate to immerse yourself and your audience in the world of English wine excellence. Enhance your content with unique, authentic experiences that resonate with your audience. For collaborations and bespoke experiences that set your brand apart, contact our Marketing & PR team today and begin your journey into the rich heritage of Sussex wine.


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