Bolney Wines for your Wedding Day

by Charlotte Linter April 29, 2019

Bolney Wines for your Wedding Day

One of the details you may overlook when planning a wedding reception is the wine. You might have planned some cocktails for welcoming and a bar for later in the evening, but have you thought about wines to pair with the wedding breakfast and a sparkling to toast with?

Below we look at the main moments where quality wine is essential on your big day.

1. Welcome drinks

Some people prefer to make a special cocktail for this, but wine is a beautifully elegant choice for those that like to keep things traditional. A wine such as a sparkling Blanc de Blancs would be ideal for this. And if you do want to do something a bit different, then why not have a very English cocktail with Foxhole Gin and Bolney’s Classic Cuvée? Or try an English Vermouth and tonic!

Grape British Cocktail
(serve in a sparkling wine glass)

Brown sugar cube
6 drops of Bitter Union Orange Bitters
35ml Foxhole Gin
Top up with Classic Cuvée
Lemon peel to garnish

2. Something to toast with

A romantic sparkling wine is the best choice here, such as our Cuvée Rosé. It is our most popular choice for weddings.

3. Wine to pair with your meal

This is the most important area in which to select your wine very carefully. The right wine will bring out the flavours in your food, the wrong wine will throw everything off balance. At Bolney, our team is happy to help you select the best wines for your Menu.

4. Favours

Miniatures make a great gift for your guests and our miniature Vermouths and Foxhole Gins make wonderful favours for those who are into artisanal alcohols.

If you want advice, or to arrange a free tasting, visit our Weddings page here
Charlotte Linter
Charlotte Linter

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