Bolney Wine Estate

Discover the Art of English Wine at Bolney Wine Estate

At Bolney Wine Estate, you can satisfy your itch for cultural discovery within the quintessential English countryside. Offering more than just a taste of award-winning English wines, we invite tourists and visitors to explore the rich heritage and vibrant landscape that define the uniqueness of English wine. Established in 1972, Bolney stands as a testament to the elegance and refinement of English viticulture, making it the perfect destination for those looking to immerse themselves in authentic flavours and storied traditions.


Our visitor experience seamlessly blends education, relaxation, and all-important wine discovery. Conveniently located just one hour from London and 15 minutes from the south coast, our Estate is easily accessible. Planning your visit is a breeze with our straightforward online booking system.


Find out more about our vineyard tours and wine tastings below, browse and buy English wine online to get a pre-visit taster, or join our Wine Club for regular English wine shipments wherever you are.

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An English Wine Producer With a Story

Bolney Wine Estate has been a leader in English wine for over 50 years, blending tradition and innovation to create wines that embody the spirit of Sussex, this emerging wine region. As one of England’s oldest and largest commercial vineyards, family-run for decades, we’re known for our exceptional, authentically English wines that showcase the unique terroir of the region. Our wines complement Sussex’s rich culinary landscape, pairing beautifully with a variety of dishes to celebrate the flavours of both the food and the wine.


The secret to our exceptional English wines lies in our meticulous approach. Employing the Traditional Method for its sparkling wines, Bolney develops complex, richly-flavoured expressions. Our winemakers also carefully select distinctive grape varieties, cultivated in Sussex’s cool climate and unique soils, to produce full-bodied, balanced red, white, and rosé wines that capture this magical region’s nuanced minerality.


The Unique Benefits of Visiting Us

  • Visitors gain exclusive access to an authentic historic site in English wine, delving into the genuine winemaking process and savouring locally produced wines and pairings.
  • Bolney is a hidden gem on the edge of the picturesque South Downs, providing a serene, less-travelled path to explore the lush landscapes and artisanal winemaking of Sussex.
  • Through guided tours and tastings, guests connect with the region’s culinary traditions and wine legacy, experiencing an authentic taste of Sussex’s gastronomy in a beautiful setting.
  • Every visit is crafted to leave a lasting impression, combining the scenic beauty of the South
  • Downs with enriching wine experiences at a working vineyard.
  • Just a short trip from Brighton or London, Bolney provides an easily accessible retreat into the authentic taste of Sussex.

Learn About English Wine on an Immersive Vineyard Tour

Our Sussex vineyard tours and English wine tastings are designed to immerse you in the scenic beauty and rich heritage of one of England’s oldest vineyards. Discover the intricate process behind our award-winning wines, from the vine to the bottle, and savour the refined flavours of our handcrafted English sparkling wine, reds, and whites.


Experience first-hand how our unique land and sustainable viticulture practices shape the distinctive character of our English wines as you walk amongst the vines. Perfect for wine enthusiasts and novices alike, our wine tours offer a unique insight into the world of English wine production and the chance to explore the emerging region of Sussex.


Book your vineyard tour and tasting experience today, and join us in celebrating the taste of Sussex.


Dine on a Working English Vineyard

Nestled within the scenic grounds of Bolney Wine Estate, the Eighteen Acre Café offers a delightful retreat where great food meets the warmth of hospitality. Here, you can indulge in a selection of delicious cakes, pastries, and freshly made sandwiches while enjoying a glass of our award-winning wine.


It’s the perfect spot to unwind amidst the beauty of the Sussex countryside. Experience the casual charm of our café on a walk-in basis; see below for opening times. Whether you’re here for a quick bite or a leisurely break during your Estate exploration, the Eighteen Acre Café promises a warm welcome and a memorable experience.


Exploring Our Quintessentially English Wine

Award-Winning English Sparkling Wines

Our diverse portfolio showcases the exceptional quality of English sparkling wines. Standouts include the delicate yet rich Bolney Bubbly, the stylish, Gold-medal winning Classic Cuvée, and the elegantly structured Blanc de Blancs, alongside the unique, traditional-method Cuvée Noir and lively Bolney Bubbly Rosé.


Distinctive English Still Wines

Bolney’s still wines highlight the diversity of English viticulture. The elegant Pinot Gris and classic Lychgate Bacchus exemplify the potential of English white wine. Meanwhile, Bolney’s Pinot Noir, Dark Harvest, and Lychgate Red demonstrate the nuanced character of English reds, with silky textures and complex fruit and spice profiles.


Expressive English Rosé

Bolney’s Lychgate Rosé is a fruit-forward, refreshing expression of English rosé, bursting with intense summer berry flavours and a zesty, sherbet-like finish.


The Bolney Wine Club is Your Passport to English Wine

Take the essence of Sussex and the best of English winemaking home with you through the Bolney Wine Club. Perfect for anyone who’s savoured our Estate’s delights and wishes to continue the experience, our club ensures a piece of Bolney is always within reach.


Membership not only brings our finest English wines, including exclusive sparkling varieties from Sussex, directly to your doorstep but also offers a suite of benefits designed to deepen your connection to the Bolney legacy. Enjoy discounts, exclusive event invites, and insider news, keeping you connected to the heart of English wine culture.


Sign up today to continue your English wine enlightenment.


Plan Your Visit to Bolney Wine Estate

A visit to Bolney Wine Estate offers an inviting look into the world of English wine. From vineyard tours to our delightful Eighteen Acre Café, there’s something for every visitor.


Join us for a day of wine tasting, enjoy locally sourced food, or become a part of our wine club to keep the experience going. Visit Bolney Wine Estate and see for yourself why it’s a favourite destination for wine lovers.