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Immerse yourself and your audience into the artistry of winemaking with Bolney Wine Estate’s tailored English vineyard tours in the picturesque Sussex countryside. Perfect for food and wine influencers seeking to captivate their audience with enchanting and authentic experiences, our English vineyard tours offer not just a taste, but a deep dive into the world of award-winning wines.


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Promote the Authentic Taste of Sussex Experience

Explore the legacy and innovation of Bolney Wine Estate, a pioneer in the English wine landscape since 1972. Our Taste of Sussex campaign is perfect for influencers and food and wine bloggers, offering unique, behind-the-scenes insights into Sussex winemaking. Share the story of an emerging wine region poised to captivate the global wine community, enhancing your content with the narrative of Sussex’s distinctive terroir and Bolney’s sustainable practices.


Joining us on the Estate gives you, and by extension, your audience, insight into the winemaking process from grape to glass. Whether it’s a vineyard tour and tasting or just a visit to the ground, you’ll get the opportunity to capture the detailed craftsmanship involved in producing Bolney’s award-winning English wines.


You’ll experience firsthand the care taken in our vineyard management, the precision of our harvesting techniques, and the artistry in our cellar practices. This is a chance to create content on a genuine, working English vineyard that highlights the dedication and passion that goes into every bottle of Bolney wine.

Why Partner With Bolney Wine Estate?

Authentic Content Opportunities

Partner with Bolney Wine Estate and gain access to the genuine processes of traditional winemaking. Capture and share with your audience the journey from grape picking through the meticulous crafting stages to the final bottling, providing an authentic glimpse into the artistry behind our celebrated wines.


Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Align your platform with Bolney’s commitment to sustainable viticulture in our vineyards. We are dedicated to environmentally friendly practices across our operations, which resonates well with audiences who value sustainability and ethical production.


Expert Insights and Learning

Expand your English wine knowledge through direct interactions with our seasoned vintners and winemakers during wine tasting workshops and masterclasses. These educational experiences enrich your understanding and allow you to provide more detailed, expert-level content to your followers.


Collaborative Creativity

Bolney invites influencers to collaborate on creative projects that can range from exclusive wine launch events to seasonal content campaigns, providing fresh and engaging ways to involve your audience in the world of English wine and Sussex vineyards.

Bring the Sussex Vineyard Tour Experience to Your Audience

Immerse your followers in the refined world of English wines through Bolney Wine Estate’s curated vineyard tours and tasting experiences. From the vineyard’s lush greenery to the sophisticated wine tasting rooms, provide your audience with an insider’s view of our award-winning Estate, perfect for engaging content that tells a story of quality and heritage.


The Ultimate Wine and Food Tasting Tour

Experience the synergy of gourmet food paired with exquisite wines on this expansive English vineyard tour designed for culinary storytelling. Showcase each pairing through beautiful visuals and detailed descriptions, offering your audience a taste of Sussex’s finest offerings.


Sussex Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour

Highlight the art of pairing by featuring Sussex’s renowned cheeses with Bolney’s diverse wine portfolio. This wine tour and tasting offers rich content potential, from detailed English wine sampling to the picturesque backdrop of our vineyards.


Seasonal Highlights at Bolney Wine Estate

Discover the changing seasons of Sussex through our vineyard tours, each offering a unique perspective on viticulture. Spring brings blossoming vines, summer showcases lush greenery, and autumn features the vibrant hues of harvest. Winter English vineyard tours provide a stark yet beautiful view of our dormant vines, all set against the picturesque backdrop of rural England.


Each season not only changes the landscape but also influences the flavours and characteristics of our wines, providing a fresh narrative for every visit and new content-creation opportunities.

Discover What’s On at the Vineyard


Alfresco Dining Evenings

Capture the essence of Sussex with monthly alfresco dining events at our estate. These evenings are perfect for vibrant, engaging content that showcases the local cuisine paired with Bolney English wines in a stunning English vineyard setting.

Bolney Wine Bar

Feature our wine bar in your content for a relaxed yet sophisticated narrative. Open weekly, the bar offers a range of Bolney wines and spirits, complemented by artisanal charcuterie and cheese, set against the tranquil vineyard landscape.

Collaborate with Bolney for Unique English Wine Content

Bolney Wine Estate invites you to forge a bespoke partnership that enriches your brand and delights your followers. Join us to create compelling content that showcases the best of English wine and the beauty of Sussex. For more information or to discuss potential collaborations on one of the oldest English vineyards, please contact our Marketing & PR team at