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Arrange Corporate Events with an Exclusive English Vineyard Tour

Crafting unique, memorable corporate experiences that reflect a company’s prestige and values is paramount – but it’s not easy. Modern corporate event planners must find venues that satisfy the desire for distinctiveness, quality, and the competing needs of clients or employees.


Understanding this, Bolney Wine Estate introduces seamless corporate experiences, including exclusive English vineyard tour experiences. This is a chance to impress clients or give a well-deserved treat to employees, taking you out of the office for the day and into the enlightening English countryside, just an hour from London. We can tailor your package to your needs and be your dedicated partner in hassle-free corporate event organisation.


Email or call 01444 711722 to enquire, whatever planning stage you’re at to find out more about our English vineyard tours and wine tastings.

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How Booking a Corporate Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting Works

At Bolney Wine Estate, we offer a streamlined, personalised vineyard tour experience tailored to your corporate needs.

  • Enquire: Contact our dedicated customer service team to discuss your interest in a bespoke vineyard tour.
  • Craft Your Tour: Provide insights into your vision, whether it’s focused on wine education, team building, or exploring the beauty of Sussex.
  • Receive Your Custom Itinerary: We’ll design a tour proposal featuring unique experiences, from exclusive tastings to immersive walks through the vineyards, catered to your corporate event goals.
  • Finalise the Details: We’ll fine-tune every aspect, from catering to private spaces for discussions, ensuring the tour aligns with your expectations.
  • Confirmation and Flexibility: We’ll confirm all arrangements and make any necessary last-minute adjustments to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Customisable Engagement: Decide the level of support you require from our team on the day, whether leading the way or allowing you to explore Bolney Wine Estate at your own pace.

Getting a Taste of Sussex is Perfect for Corporate Experiences

Get away from the hustle and bustle and replace it with the serene Sussex countryside. Just an hour from London and 15 minutes on a train from Brighton, Bolney Wine Estate offers a luxurious escape into the world of English winemaking. Our Estate blends sophisticated charm with the rich history of one of England’s oldest and most celebrated vineyards.


With acres of vines flourishing under the Sussex sun, we invite you to immerse yourself in an educational and engaging wine tour, showcasing the best of English sparkling and still wines. Whether you’re looking to make a great impression or want to get your team in a refreshed setting, a vineyard tour and team wine tasting is the perfect way to do it.

Benefits of Our English Vineyard Tours for Corporate Events

  • Innovative Team Building: Replace the usual team-building activities with something more engaging. Wander through our vineyards, learn about the intricacies of winemaking and bond over the shared experience of tasting award-winning wines. These activities are not just enjoyable but foster teamwork and creativity in a relaxed, natural setting.
  • Educational Yet Entertaining: Our vineyard tours strike the perfect balance between educational depth and light-hearted fun. Gain insights into sustainable viticulture, explore the nuances of grape varieties from Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, and enjoy guided English wine tastings that demystify the tasting process, all within the backdrop of our picturesque estate.
  • Tailored to Your Corporate Needs: Understanding the diverse needs of corporate groups, we offer customisable tour packages. Whether it’s focusing on the technical aspects of winemaking for a group of executives or a more relaxed, explorative tour for team bonding, our tours are designed to meet your specific objectives.
  • A Prestigious Backdrop: Bolney Wine Estate stands as a symbol of sophistication and heritage in the English wine industry. Hosting your corporate event here not only elevates the experience but also aligns your brand with the prestige and excellence Bolney represents.
  • Memorable Experiences: In today’s corporate world, creating lasting memories can significantly enhance brand image and employee satisfaction. Our vineyard tours offer a unique experience that’s both memorable and meaningful, ensuring attendees leave with a deep appreciation for the art of winemaking and a stronger connection to your company.

What Your English Vineyard Tour Could Be

Though we offer the ability to tailor your corporate event, you can see an example of our two most popular tours.


Sussex Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour

Enjoy a 2-hour tour celebrating the classic pairing of cheese and wine with an English twist. Explore our vineyards, discover our winemaking process, and savour a tasting of 5 exceptional Bolney wines expertly paired with fine Sussex cheeses. Conclude with a taste of our estate gin.


The Ultimate Wine and Food Tasting Tour

Immerse yourself in the Sussex wine story with this ultimate tour. Begin with a sparkling wine welcome, then venture through our vineyards and winery. Indulge in a tasting of 5 Bolney wines expertly paired with seasonal local produce. Unwind with a seasonal mezze board at our Eighteen Acre Café.


Easily Accessible Location

Bolney Wine Estate, an hour from London and near the south coast, provides an easily accessible, peaceful retreat in the Sussex countryside. Conveniently located off the A23 and A272, and accessible by train, it’s the perfect meeting point for groups located across the south of England.


Start Building Your Bespoke English Vineyard Tour

Enhance your next corporate event with an unforgettable wine tasting experience at Bolney Wine Estate. Contact our dedicated team today to start planning your exclusive vineyard tour and wine tasting. Email or call 01444 711 722 to begin crafting a memorable corporate experience.