Spring in the Vineyard

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Spring in the vineyard marks the start of the reawakening of our vines. After the harvest in the autumn the vines go into dormancy to preserve their energy, so much of which had been put into the ripening of the crucial grapes. Our vineyard team, led by Sean Anderson, have been out in all weathers ensuring our vineyard management is at its best. Every day is a step towards harvest – therefore the work in the vines is vital at every stage of the year.



As the temperature rises, the sap starts to rise in the vines, this starts the process of budburst. Buds forming on the vine is both an exciting time in the rebirth of the vineyard but also a nail-biting time. Once the buds are formed on the vines, they are vulnerable to frost, a late spring frost can be devastating as it was last year where we were subjected to temperatures of -6. Our vineyard team are always keeping an eye on overnight temperatures. Whilst the rest of the countryside sleeps, our team have been on the estate during the night to carry out frost protection.

Our winemaker, Cara Lee Dely, has been hard at work with her team to get all the 2021 wines ready for bottle. Apart from harvest, this is one of the busiest times of the year. Blending trials took place over January and February, prior to the wines being moved between the tanks to replicate the final blends that were signed off ahead of bottling in May.

According to Cara Lee; “Blending is an imperative part of the winemaking process, it is the final opportunity for us to look at all the components that we have in the winery post-harvest, and through a process of elimination, come up with the quintessential Bolney style.”


Once the final blends have been created, the last of the adjustments need to be made, polishing up in order to be crisp and clear in your glass!


Outside of the winery, we continue with disgorging and labelling, this year it includes our special release wines, just in time for our celebratory 50th anniversary!

Visit Bolney this Spring 

Spring is a fantastic time to visit the Estate, as you witness new life and colour amongst the vines and go behind the scenes to see how our award-winning English wine is made. Join one of our unique vineyard experiences today, and why not treat yourself to a delicious lunch afterwards in The Eighteen Acre? Savour a taste of Sussex as you overlook the vines on the stunning viewing terrace. 

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