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Vermouth Botanicals Tube Set


The Vermouth Botanicals pack contains three different botanicals to create the perfect match for your vermouth. One of the best spice producers in Spain have produced this box set of three glass tubes containing the 3 most popular spices used with Vermouth to give them an extra lift.

Vanilla pods – Use vanilla to add an intense, sweet flavour.

Orange Blossom – A dry flower with a smooth scent, citrus flavour and spring fresh aroma.

Lemon Peel – Add a subtle citrus note and subtle colour to your vermouth based drink


Each pack comes with instructions so if you like Vermouth based drinks then this is for you!


3 x 10g tubes.

Vermouth Botanicals Tube Set

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Ambient temperature.

Just add a small amount of the selected spices (it is recommended to add no more that two different flavours) to your neat Vermouth to accentuate the core flavours. Don’t forget to add plenty of ice too!

Regional Co.

Vicente Navarro created Regional Co. in 1921 in Novelda, a small town located in the Spanish region of Alicante. Since the beginnings, the company was devoted to suppling spices and saffron in bulk. At that time, there were a continuous growth in the trading of these products and they were brought both from the Spanish region of La Mancha (mainly saffron) and from the countries of the far east.

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