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Easter Pairing Bundle


What’s inside?

A bottle of Classic Cuvée, a bottle of Lychgate Red and a bottle of Pinot Gris.


3 wines selected by our General Manager James Davis MW.


James Davis is a Master of Wine. It’s a title that is only held by 416 people in the world and testifies of a great knowledge about wine. These are the perfect wines to pair with your Easter Sunday roast.


Easter Special offer: save 15% OFF on this bundle (compared to if wines sold separately)

Easter Pairing Bundle


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What's In The Case

Classic Cuvée

Versatile, all round fizz.


Sparkling wines are fantastic to pair with dishes thanks to its effervescence and acidity. Many pastries work very well with sparkling as they have plenty of butter, a great ingredient that works well with bubbles. The acidity counterbalances saltiness and rich food.


Flavours: hedgerow fruits, brioche notes, sweet apple, stone fruits.


Our recommendation: canapés and apéritifs.

Lychgate Red

Rich and complex


The richness of this wine needs something with an equally strong character. This works well with anything grilled as the bitterness of the grilling would match the bitterness of the wine. Any meat with a black pepper sauce would be a treat.


Flavours: ripe stone fruits, spice, herbaceous notes, dark chocolate, black olive tapenade.


Our recommendation: rack of lamb, slow cooked pork belly, sunday roast.

Pinot gris

Clean, refreshing and vibrant.


Due to its acidity, this is great to cut through rich food, cream sauces and it will sublimate simple recipes. The acidity will pop the natural flavours of any raw fishes and shellfishes.


Flavours: stone fruits, pear, apricot, orange blossom, honey. 


Our recommendation: moules marinières, roast duck or pork.

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