Our Team

We are a family business with three generations currently involved including Sam,
our head winemaker and managing director, the daughter of founders, Janet and Rodney Pratt.

We feel that our members of staff are family too! So who are they?

Bolney Wine Estate - UK Wine Awards 2017

(left to right) Sue Osgood, Alex Rabagliati, Liz Morgan and Sam Linter

Sam Linter - Managing Director and Head Winemaker
David Wood - Director and Vineyard Manager of Pookchurch Vineyard
Rodney Pratt - Founder and President

Alex Rabagliati - Senior Production Manager & Winemaker
Liz Morgan - Winemaker & Winery Manager
Michael Hayward - Assistant Winemaker
Tom Sutton - Cellarhand

Sue Osgood - Vineyard Manager
Mark Barnes - Vineyard Assistant
Greg Palmer - Assistant Vineyard Manager (Pookchurch)
Sean Anderson - Assistant Vineyard Manager (Pookchurch)
Laura Tattam - Assistant Vineyard Manager (Pookchurch)

Jon Tracey - Senior Manager - Trade Sales
Robin Warren-Adamson - Business Development Manager
Nicholas Hutchinson - Trade Account Executive

Alison Fuller - PA to Sam Linter, Managing Director

Chris Siegle - Senior Manager - Consumer Sales
Suzie Quinn - Retail Sales Manager

Fiona Anderson - Development Manager
Charlie Lewis - Retail and Events Executive 
Andrea Nolan - Events Administrator

Graham Linter - Senior Manager - Finance & IT
Beverley Heine - Accounts Manager
Cherry Furmedge - Accounts Executive/HR Manager
Katie Wingrove - Accounts Admin
Roger Bacon - IT and Logistics

Daniel Ashpool - Eighteen Acre Manager
Alison Starr - Eighteen Acre Assistant Manager
Ian Brunsdon - Head Chef
Eddie Kidd - Chef
Kristy Beck - Eighteen Acre Supervisor

Emma Fogerty- Marketing Manager
Charlotte Linter - Digital Marketing 
Helen Chesshire - Local PR
Mark Furmedge - Marketing Assistant 

Andrew Wooldridge - Compliance Officer

Pete Murphy - Warehouse Manager

Giorgio Parrino - Tour Guide
John Rose - Tour Guide
Alan Jenkins - Tour Guide
Eva Bohn - Tour Guide

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