Eighteen Acre Menus

  • Breakfast Menu

    The Bolney Breakfast
    Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon
    Veggie Hash
    Sausage Sandwich
    Bacon Sandwich
    Campainou Toast
    Charlie's Smoked Trout

    Children's Menu

    Kid's Breakfast
    Scambled Eggs on Toast
    Baked Beans on Toast
    Macaroni Cheese with Marmite Crumble and Salad

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  • Small Plates and Tapas

    Smoked Trout Pâté
    Olives with Garlic and Rosemary
    Pigs in Blankets with Brown Sauce
    Roast Anya Potatoes with Candied Garlic
    Pork Pie and Picalilli
    Caribbean Coleslaw
    Grilled Aparagus with Coconut Mayo Panko
    Bread and Butter
    Thai Chicken with a Herb Dressing
    Macaronie Cheese with Marmite Crumble


    Sussex Cheeseboard & Charcuterie Board

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  • Mains

    The Bolney Burger
    Mushroom & Brighton Blue Bun
    Lime & Corriander Chicken Salad
    Heritage Tomato Salad
    Veggie Club Sandwich
    Caribbean Chicken Club Sandwich
    Croque Monsieur
    Bolney Poughman's


    Local Cheeseboard
    Strawberry Marshmallow Sundae
    Sticky Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream
    Selection of Ice Creams

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  • Drinks

    Monmouth Coffee
    Joe's Tea
    Sam's Lemonade
    Wobblegate Fruit Juices
    Coca Cola
    Kingsdown Water
    Firebird Beer


    Bolney Wines by the glass/bottle
    Wine Tastings

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