Meet the Stockist - Nikki Welch of WineTubeMaps

by Lizzi Hobcraft October 31, 2018

Meet the Stockist - Nikki Welch of WineTubeMaps

What made you want to work in the wine industry?
I studied languages and economics at Uni and lived in France for a while where I completely fell in love with the way the French ate and drank. When I got back I was determined to find a job in wine and have been working in the industry for 17 years! I was always fascinated how wine can be seen in so many ways: as an agricultural product, as a product on a supermarket shelf, as the craft of a winemaker, as part of a meal. But the thing that keeps me coming back to wine is how it is a social connector that people drink together, and create memories with.

What inspired you to write a wine book in the style of a tube map?
The WineTubeMap came before the book. I designed it as a guide for friends and family originally - they were always asking for recommendations, and this seemed like a helpful way of explaining the connections, and meant they could explore more widely without having to keep coming back and asking for the next recommendation. I'm naturally quite visual, so it made sense for me to try and draw it!! It went down so well when we used it in tastings at the BBC Good Food Show that we created the book and then the app.

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What was your main goal in producing your book?
To help people see the connections between different wines so that it would feel less daunting. It's not easy to know which wines are similar and which are very different so people tend to stick to their tried and tested favourites. The WineTubeMap is designed to make it easier to try something new, knowing broadly how it relates to their favourite wines.

What is your favourite wine and why?
Impossible question!! There are so many different reasons why I choose a wine. But as we're heading into autumn I'm falling back in love with French syrahs.

What is your favourite Bolney wine and why?
I'm a sucker for Blanc de Blancs so it would have to be that. I love the richness the Chardonnay brings.

What’s next for you and the drinks tube map?
Well, we launched the WhiskyTubeMap last year and BeerTubeMap this year so we're looking at fun events we can run incorporating all three! But wine will always be my first love so we're producing some exciting events and guides in the run up to Christmas.

And lastly, what are your social media handles so we can find you!
@winetubemap on Twitter or Instagram is where you'll mostly find me, but if you're interested in beer or whisky try @beertubemap and @whiskytubemap. I also do a regular email of recommendations which you can sign up for at

Lizzi Hobcraft
Lizzi Hobcraft

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