Meet the Stockist- Goupie Chocolates

by Lizzi Hobcraft October 09, 2018

Meet the Stockist- Goupie Chocolates

We caught up with the daughter of founders and Brand Manager, Grace Simpson from Goupie Chocolates to learn a little more about how Goupie came to be.

What made you want to start Goupie?
Joe and Janet have been working together as long as they’ve known each other. In that time, they’ve had a number of businesses together, Goupie being the most recent edition. Both come from an editorial background, and after selling their previous publishing company they were looking for the next adventure. Goupie is something Janet’s family has been making since she can remember and so myself and my sister convinced her that she really needed to start selling this unique treat, we’d been lucky enough to enjoy all our lives. Janet whipped up a batch in 2010, and Joe and she visited some local cafes to see if they might be interested. Orders were placed on the spot, and so the company was, almost accidentally, born!

Why the name ‘Goupie’?
We wish we had a great story for this, but the honest answer is, that that is what my Grandma (and Janet’s mum) used to call it. She had no idea why, or where the recipe had come from, and so it just stuck!

What makes Goupie different from other chocolates?
Goupie is a chocolate confectionery. It has a unique texture within the chocolate which is made up of a cocoa-rich syrup base, toasted rice and biscuit, before being completely enrobed in chocolate. This creates a soft chew with a slight crunch and an overwhelming chocolatey taste. It is also vegan friendly, with many gluten-free options, making it a rare find: a free-from artisanal product at an affordable price point. Simply, it is different from any other chocolates on the market (at least that we’ve found!)

How do you choose which flavour combinations to make?
These predominantly have come from Janet in the past. She’s a fantastic cook anyway, and so usually whatever she thinks up comes off right first time! With our most recent flavours, we’ve been trying to get our Goupie Groupies to get involved in the decisions. We’ve done tastings of new flavours at events, and polls on social media to come up with the most popular new edition (Sesame Butter is an example of this).

Are there any new offerings in the works?
We’re looking at beefing up our Easter offering this year, with a proper, boxed Easter Egg, available in two flavours. We’re really excited about this! Aside from this, we’re working on our own vegan white chocolate recipe, so that the entire range can be vegan. We’re also definitely not ruling out launching a new flavour this year, most likely around the Spring time.

Which is your favourite flavour (if you can choose!)?
We all have a different choice for this: Joe’s is Chilli whilst Janet’s is probably our newest Sesame Butter and mine is Date & Walnut, Paula’s (our right-hand woman) is Salted Sticky Toffee – which hopefully means there’s a flavour for everyone!

And lastly what are your social media handles so we can all find you!
We’re @GoupieGroupies on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – or you can visit our newly refurbished website

Lizzi Hobcraft
Lizzi Hobcraft

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