Exploring Bolney Wines using the WineTubeMap

by Bolney Wine Estate Limited October 05, 2018

Exploring Bolney Wines using the WineTubeMap

One of the joys of wine is that there is always something new to learn, and that it never stands still. Winemakers around the world are always pushing the boundaries to improve their wines and to get the most out of the land and wine drinkers are always looking out for new things to add to their wine repertoire. The WineTubeMap was designed to reflect this so even wines not on the map have a place, here’s where we see some of the Bolney wines fitting.

Blanc de Blancs
We created a station on the map for Traditional Method wines as well as champagne especially to include the fantastic sparkling wines coming out of England. As with all of the stations there’s still a lot of variation once you arrive there, we like to think of them as station exits! The Blanc de Blanc exit of Traditional Method is the fullest of the styles and the Bolney Estate Blanc de Blanc is a great example of what Blanc de Blanc should be. 100% Chardonnay means you get lovely ripe citrus and apple fruit, creamy texture and enough toasty and nutty complexity to make it a seriously interesting glass.

Bacchus is a grape, aptly named after the Roman god of wine, agriculture and fertility. You rarely see Bacchus elsewhere in the world but we’d place it on near the intersection of the Aromatic line and White Central Line as it has a lot of pretty floral notes as well as some Sauvignon Blanc-esque citrus notes.

Kew Red
We love the idea of a collaboration with Kew Gardens, how wonderful to celebrate the biodiversity of vineyards and what better way to toast it with a glass of something delicious. Red wines are not the easiest thing to make in England so hats off to this one. We’d place it on the Red Central Line where you find lots of berry and bramble flavours and a reasonable amount of tannic grip. Perfect for autumn.

Blog post by Nikki Welch (creator of WineTubeMap) 

Bolney Wine Estate Limited
Bolney Wine Estate Limited

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