Bolney Wine Estate’s Best Cheese and Wine Pairings

by Bolney Wine Estate Limited June 04, 2020

Bolney Wine Estate’s Best Cheese and Wine Pairings

At Bolney Wine Estate, we’re passionate about wine and sharing our thoughts with our customers for inspiration on how to enjoy them. One such way is paired with food, and many of our wines are perfectly complemented by a slice of delicious cheese. In celebration of #NationalCheeseDay, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect  wine and cheese pairings, Bolney has to offer.

Cheese and White Wine

Brighton Blue Cheese

This blue cheese is made by a small, but passionate team, at the High Weald Dairy who are located in Haywards Heath. They currently make 15 different kinds of cheese with the entire process for each one taking place on their farm.

A mild, semi-soft cheese with a mellow blue flavour and a slightly salty finish. The blue-green veins deepen as the cheese matures, and the taste of the blue strengthens. It has an attractive natural edible rind and has won numerous awards including a Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards 2017-2018.

Blue Cheese Wine Pairing 

Lychgate Rosé

A lovely elegant wine with red fruit flavours and hints of creamy sweetness, like our Lychgate Rose, is a great match with the salty tangy flavours in blue cheese. 

Lychgate Red

This medium-bodied dry wine has aromas that consist of blackberry, black cherry and peppery spice. The palate shows ripe blackcurrant and red berry flavours. There is acidity and a smooth, smoky and velvety finish in the Lychgate Red, that goes well with the creamy nature of the cheese. The salty finish of the cheese works well with the acidity of the wine.

Blanc De Noirs 

The mature, savoury nuttiness of the Blanc de Noirs pairs well with the salty finish.

Sussex Charmer Mature Cheese

Combining the creaminess of a mature farmhouse cheddar with the zing of an Italian Style Hard Cheese, this versatile cheese is a great addition to the cheeseboard. Sussex Charmer has the perfect taste credentials to complement fruit of all kinds.

Mature Cheese and Wine Pairing

Pinot Gris

The tang of the Charmer works well with the sweet pear character of the Pinot Gris. We highly recommend this delicious white wine with a piece of mature cheese.

Estate Bacchus 

The soft richness of background oak from the Estate Bacchus complements the Italian-style zing of the Charmer.

Blanc De Blancs 

Sussex charmer which is a cheese which has similar characteristics to a mature cheddar. The cheese has a creamy mature cheddar taste followed by a zing of parmesan. This works well will the acidity from the Blanc de Blancs and the yeasty notes. This white wine and cheese combination is one to try.

Cuvée Rosé

The balanced, fresh acidity in this Cuvée Rosé wine cuts through fatty foods beautifully.  The red fruit flavour/character from the Pinot Noir grape and the bread/brioche notes from the yeast autolysis compliment the cheddar, bringing out the creamy richness of the cheese. Almost like a sandwich!

Alsop & Walker Brie

A creamy, grassy tasting cheese with a natural edible white rind, the Alsop & Walker is. Made from cow's milk (much like the camembert) it will continue to mature in the fridge becoming softer and stronger for up to seven weeks.

Based in East Sussex, the milk is sourced from a local farmer to make their cheeses.

Brie Wine Pairing

Pinot Noir

The black cherry fruit character in this stunning Pinot Noir wine does not overpower, so a good fit with lighter, less richly flavoured foods, especially Brie!

Sister Sarah

High Weald Dairy based in Haywards Heath makes a delicious range of award-winning cheeses from organic and conventional cow, goat and sheep milk. Sister Sarah is a semi-soft goats’ milk cheese. It is matured for just 8-12 weeks. It is a mild cheese, with a light and delicious. The cheese is coated in annatto (a south American berry) to create the orange colour.

Goats Cheese Pairing 

Lychgate Red

The dark blackberry fruit character is a perfect foil to the creamy, savoury/sour notes in Goat’s cheese. This brings a balance to both the wine and cheese, for our Head Winemaker this combination is a complete match.

Bolney Bubbly

Honeysuckle, elderflower, brioche and zesty citrus, the Bolney Bubbly helps cut through fatty and salty foods. So amazing with fish and chips and this exquisite brie cheese.

Now that you know all about the greatest cheese and wine pairings, you may want to have a browse through our cheeses online or visit our stunning Sussex Vineyard Shop



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