Ten reasons to indulge in a Sussex vineyard tour

by Charlotte Linter June 11, 2019

Ten reasons to indulge in a Sussex vineyard tour


1 - A great excuse for a day out with family or friends

Get the gang together, invite your parents for an Afternoon Tea, or finally get round to that day out with your partner. Our tours and tastings make for a wonderful reason to share the fun!

2 - Discover some new wines

New to English Wines? Or perhaps you've heard great things about our wines from your friends. You'll taste a selection of our wines on a tour and, who knows, you might discover your new favourite tipple.

3 - Connect with nature 

Here at Bolney we’ve been grounded in nature since our conception in 1972. We have a stunning Sussex location full of wildflowers, trees and wildlife. Come and discover our amazing ecosystem for yourself.

4 - Discover the secrets behind winemaking and grape growing in the UK

Find out how we make award winning wines here at Bolney and how our dedicated team care for our vines throughout the year. Explore the vineyards and our winery and see the magic for yourself!

5 - Indulge in some delicious Sussex food, whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth

Book a tour with a cheese tasting plate, an afternoon tea or a full-on buffet lunch.

6 - A wonderful way to relax

What could be more relaxing than strolling through the vineyard and then settling down for food and wine? We even have a balcony and Café onsite so, after your tour, you can kick back and enjoy the views...

7 - Make some new friends

Our tour groups are often a friendly bunch and many couples report that they make a few new friends during their visit.


8 - Learn how to properly taste wine

Never been sure about the correct way to taste? Our tour guides will give you some helpful tips in the tasting so you can impress when you next host a wine dinner or sample wine in a restaurant. 

9 - Treat your loved one to something a bit different

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or just your relationship in general, our vineyard tours and tastings make a romantic day out and a lovely surprise gift too.

10 - Take a picture on our famous balcony

For those of you keen to share the moment ASAP with your Instagram buddies we have a beautiful backdrop for your selfies. Many visitors in the last year or two have had a snap on the Bolney Balcony so now is your chance to join in!


Charlotte Linter
Charlotte Linter

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