How corporate gifting can increase staff and customer loyalty

by Chris Siegle May 20, 2019

How corporate gifting can increase staff and customer loyalty

Does your company have a corporate gifting strategy?

Corporate gifting is not part of every company’s strategy, but those businesses that do have a strategy in place can see employee morale grow and customer relationships strengthen.

Can you think of a time that you received a gift after purchasing a product or service from a business? If you can, how did it make you feel? If not, how do you think it would have made you feel? You may have even shared your positive experience with friends and family. A similar question can be asked about receiving a gift from an employer; did it make you feel appreciated for your hard work?

When it comes to gifting for employees, I think we can all agree that appreciation from an employer helps motivation and productivity! Which, in turn, keeps overall staff morale high. Many businesses know all too well the costs of recruiting new staff and will work at building incentive schemes to keep employees feeling valued and staying loyal. Gifting employees can be the next/alternative step to such schemes.

By rewarding valued customers with gifts, you will not only show how much you appreciate their custom but strengthen their relationship with your brand and will keep your business at the top of their mind when they make future recommendations to their personal network.

However, it is important to give gifts without an obvious ulterior motive - adding your corporate logo, for example, can turn a gift into a branding exercise which most consumers can easily see through.

By following a few simple rules (to help ensure the business sees the rewards of these programmes), you can help build a successful strategy. Three simple elements to consider are budget, packaging and timing.

By setting a budget for corporate gifting you can calculate the amount you have to spend on gifts. It is recommended not to purchase smaller ticket items in bulk in order to reward more people, as these gifts can be seen as an empty gesture and not a true gift. You should also consider the individual the gift is going to, and what opportunities there are throughout the year to say thank you. All these elements will help calculate a realistic budget and a meaningful strategy.

It is tempting to brand gifts and packaging to include your company’s logo or to include a generic ‘thank you’ message, but remember why you are giving the gift in the first place - to let them know they are valued! If you do want to include a message, make it personal to the individual. Nothing beats a hand written message, it shows you have put in the extra time and effort.

The most wonderful type of gift is the surprise one! It is that emotional response that strengthens the loyalty of the consumer or employee. Many businesses opt into corporate gifting towards Christmas which, although is an important time of year to say thank you, can become an expectation from the customer or employee, taking away the surprise element of the gift.

So if you decide that gifting is something you would like to build into your business strategy, remember the points above and you should start to see customer and employee satisfaction grow.

Chris Siegle
Chris Siegle

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