Chocolate and Wine Pairing

by Bolney Wine Estate Limited April 15, 2019

Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Chocolate and Wine Pairing

We are big fans of Goupie chocolates at Bolney so last year we had a mammoth tasting session of their chocolates and our wines to find the best pairings.

What is Goupie?

Goupie is a chocolate confectionery. It has a unique texture within the chocolate which is made up of a cocoa-rich syrup base with toasted rice and biscuit, all completely enrobed in chocolate. This creates a soft chew with a slight crunch and an overwhelming chocolatey taste. It is also vegan friendly, with many gluten-free options, making it a rare find: a 'free-from' artisanal product at an affordable price point.

Our top pairings

Lychgate Red and Mint Goupie
This sounds like an odd pairing, but it really works! Our Lychgate Red has a bold fruity style with aromas of cherries and blackberries on the nose, then darker cherries, with bitter and dry notes in the palette. This wine also has a herbaceous character, which is what makes it shine alongside the strong minty taste of the chocolates.

Blanc de Blancs and Lemon Meringue Goupie

This very premium, dry style sparkling has floral and citrus notes and very fine bubbles. The high acidity of the lemon chocolates compliment the acidity in the wine, giving a fresh and sharp taste sensation.

Blanc de Noirs and Orange Goupie
This sparkling is rich and dry in style, with notes of nectarine and stone fruits – think peaches and pears. Goupie Orange chocolates are a sweet and intense treat, pairing beautifully with the flavour profile of our Blanc de Noirs.

Bolney Wine Estate Limited
Bolney Wine Estate Limited

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